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When I'm not procrastinating, I do a lot of writing, reading, and ranting about the environment and feminism and basically everything.


May 8, 2016

PROMPT: Flashlight

Sometimes, I think I know why
we are so obsessed with the dystopias, the evolved,
the post-apocalyptic

Sometimes I think I see fear
    What happens when the oil runs out?
    What happens when tensions snap?
    What happens when the ground is dead?

Sometimes I think I see
the end of the world getting closer and
sometimes I think
other people see it too
But we can't stop pushing on

It's not practical to leave all the oil in the ground
There's no off switch for hate
We don't have the money to use the ground fairly
So we carry on

Sometimes I believe we can change the world
Sometimes I know we won't do it in time
Sometimes I wonder what happens
    when it all finally collapses
    when we break the world


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