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Writing contest (my first but not my only:)

October 20, 2019


Hi guys,
to all my followers and everyone else, I'm running my first ever writing comp. To those who love Fantasy and Supernatural stories, this is a comp for you. 
1) The story can be up to 600 words only no more, can be about anything that has a supernatural style.
2) Please put this in your title; #FantasyComp, so I can find your story, also please comment on this to enter:)
3) Entries are due on Halloween if in Australia no later, anywhere else I'll accept a day later. 
4) Have fun
5) Please check out some of my pieces  
                                   First place: 3 reviews of your choice, three likes of my choice.
                                   Second place: 2 reviews of your choice, two likes of my choice.
                                   Third place 1 review of your choice, one like my choice.
                                               Fourth place I will follow your account:)

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