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I posted this to my blog as well, so I really just like this idea and want to make sure I'm writing it in an enticing way. Plus I tend to tell and now show as well so if there are places I can improve on that, that critique would be very helpful!

The Things They Brought

May 8, 2016

The Bible study group that met Wednesday nights looked a lot like a school of fish. They were eager and peppy even at eight o'clock at night.
They all brought their Bibles folded in leather covers and marked with dog-ears and bookmarks of all sorts. They brought notebooks large and small and an assortment of pens, pencils, and highlighters. They brought water, knowing the night would be long and full of discussion, and they brought snacks to fill their tummies when the night stretched on in lengthy, thought-provoking conversation.
Janice carried a mini package of tissues wrapped in a colorful spring wrapper because she always seemed to have watery eyes and a runny nose from "allergies." Tom - who showed up quite sporadically - always came unprepared and a little confused. Amelia brought her umbrella every time whether the rain was falling or sun shining. Finally, Will and Brian - who were cousins - brought their kids who pounced up and down the hallway making us much noise as a two ton train.
But Janice also brought her unwillingness to forgive her husband for cheating on her, and Tom always seemed to bring with him and distinct, sour smell, when he showed, accompanied by a tiny bit of a slur in his voice. Amelia brought her childhood pain of being bullied for being "different," while Will and Brian brought the sorrow of their wives being killed in a recent car accident.
They all brought smiles and conversational tones, but on the inside they brought anger and frustration and sadness and loneliness as well. 


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