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Fusion ∞ Noire

May 8, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

(Dagger) And here he comes! The man, the myth, the legend! Chester Irving! Ya' know this bar ain't too much without you. I'd say it loses a decent amount of showmanship without your face to remind people. 
(Chester) Looks like you're happy to see me, Dagger. Where's Winston at?
(Winston) Unlike what the big man thinks... If this place ever loses any quality... It's 'cause I ain't in it.
(Chester) Alright, alright. How you boys been?
(Dagger) Oh, you know how it is. Regulars still flow through here, the drinks still taste better than bad... One could say we're doing tiptop.
(Chester) I'm glad to hear it.
(Dagger) Please, please, for god's sake, take a seat... So, how 'bout you? You doing good these days?
(Chester) Funny, I feel like I should be asking you that. 
(Dagger) Cmon! Whattaya think all this wine and peanut fusion's doing me for! This body isn't getting younger, but it sure as hell ain't growing wrinkles on its own.
(Chester) They say those two are good for you. Who said they're a bad mix?
(Dagger) You look thirsty.
(Chester) Do I?
(Dagger) Starched.

(Chester) Well, on that presumption, I'll get a coke 'n rum on the rocks. Winston!
(Winston) What you want, cracker?

(Chester) A coke and rum with a hell load of rocks. Don't go easy with the rum. Let that stuff overpower the coke.
(Winston) Boy, I see two working legs and arms on your body and you asking me to get you a drink when you a foot away from doing it your own damn self?
(Dagger) Winston, as a courtesy from me, get this man a drink.
(Winston) Fine. I'll make it. But I better see your ass enjoying it.
(Chester) When I'm done, Im gonna be looking at your ass for another.
(Dagger) Chit chat over? Alright. Should we discuss rekindling our business partnership? 
(Chester) I ain't here for that.
(Dagger) Then what're you here for?
(Chester) Is it true you and Winston still keep the stash in the wine cellar?
(Dagger) It is...

(Chester) All I needed to hear...
(Dagger) Chester... put the gun down. We can talk this over.


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