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Static in My Brain

October 16, 2019


I wish we could pour water over our brains
Cleansing liquid burrowing into every crack and nook
Washing all the grit and dirt away
So I can truly have a clear mind

I wish we could bring our brains to the shop
Where a skilled mechanic will fiddle with tools
Straighten this and put that back together
And I can return to my work with a refreshed head

I wish we can pack our brain with ice
The freezing temperature stilling the static
White noise dying down to deep, deep silence
So that I can have peace of mind

I wish life can be easier
Where a concentration genie taps you on the head
Granting better attention spans and focus
Like a child, I wish life is easier

Easier than all-nighters and stale aftertastes
Easier than foggy minds and swollen eyes
Easier than tears of frustration
But life isn't easy

What's is there left but to sleep
And like a child, to believe
Maybe if I wish hard enough
I'll wake up to a better tomorrow
Took a big standardized test this morning and haven't been able to focus since, so wrote a poem about it. There really isn't a moral lesson or a theme here. Just wanted to get the words out of my head. 


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