Sixteen, Irish, I love writing fiction and adventure stories. I'm very passionate about my writing, I want it as a career and it means a whole lot to me.

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Characters I've developed to be sort of like a God and the Devil, how they started out here in this world :)

The Beings at the Beginning

May 8, 2016


I remember being nothing. Just particles, floating in empty space, feeling the vastness of this universe convulse and expand around me. Well, 'me'. 'them'. I was everything, he was everything, we were everything. The very fabrics of this earth, unravelled, yet to be pulled together to form the crust and break it apart into plates. Emotions did not exist. Bodies did not exist. Things were simple. I cannot tell you for how long I floated like this before I was born. It could have been five seconds. It could have been five hundred million years. Time was always just an illusion back then. It still is.
And then...My particles began to separate from his. Pull together, stitch into each other, creating 'me', creating an entity. It is not something I can explain very well to you in any human language spoken on this earth. I was still everywhere, I was just...closer, now. And I had awoken on this place full of millions of beating hearts, and fast breath, and slow breath, and all of that life...It fascinated me. I remember concentrating, not too hard, just relaxing, and hearing every single breath of every single creature, a wonderful song of life and movement. And then, in my mind's eye, in the images that blurred in and out around me, I saw them. Their conversations, their legends, their destruction...It was all so...Curious. And that is the first emotion I ever remember feeling. That is what snapped me down, made me morph, 'birthed' me. I felt myself pull together even tighter, and then two feet felt solid ground below me, and I drew an unneeded breath into empty, small lungs. I could see, now. I could see in front of me, not just all around. A millisecond of darkness made me realise I had eyes. I was blinking. I took in another, long, deep breath, and attempted to move this body. A small hand came into my line of human sight, and I felt a face lift into a smile where my human head was. I had a body...And yet...I could still feel everything. As I was breathing, so was everything else. As a heart beat in my chest, and I heard the blood rush through my own body, and the rustle of my hair, the cracks of my fingers...But then...I heard every conversation. I felt every sensation, joy, sadness, resentment, love, hate, life, death...But I did not understand them. An overwhelming fascination overcame me, and I tilted the head I had been given. Grass. My bare feet brushed through it with ease, and I walked forward a step. My muscles shifted as I did, and I held back a sigh of what humans might call happiness. After floating for so long, or so little...Movement was such an exhilarating thing to experience. It was as I ran my finger over the rough, sweet-scented bark of a gnarled tree that I felt a new heartbeat. Right behind me.
I turned, and my body turned with me, I had control of it, it was MINE. Another body raised its head and gazed at me, calmly. I shut my eyes for yet another millisecond, and as I did, the future of humanity shone through my vision. This was a male...And so was I. He was smaller than an average human, his heartbeat faster, his teeth less, his bones stunted, his skull so simple to smash...He was a child. And at that very moment, I felt his thoughts intertwine with mine. He had been brought here by a different emotion to mine. Not curiosity...But woe. He had seen the future wars, the many dangerous and darkening paths this land would take on its course from birth to oblivion, and he did not find it at all interesting. Merely he pitied the simple creatures involved. Nevertheless, I had neither the emotions nor the idiocy to judge him by this, and vice versa, as I could tell from his head. He walked closer to me, savouring his steps as I had, and stared at me with deep, dark eyes. I looked back, and his appearance turned my thoughts to my own. What did I look like? He had a human appearance, the same as me. Did we look similar? He gave me a smile, and I found myself returning the gesture.
'Hello.' This is the closest I can translate as to how we communicated with each other. It was a language unbeknownst to the beings we were inhabiting. But we both understood for the time being, and for the time being, both decided to keep it that way.
'Hello.' I replied. My voice was a strange sounding thing; high pitched, child-like. I felt my vocal chords vibrate, felt my lips and tongue form the sounds, felt the nerves in my earlobes hear the voice of the other entity over all of the heartbeats.
'My name is Castile.' He said, 'What is yours?' I thought to myself for a half a second. What WAS my name? I reached into that curiosity that had brought me here, and found my answer. I knew my name. I'd known it all this time, and I'd know it until the very last day of this universe's light.


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