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A CONTEST!!! Calling to All Curious Writers! #CuriousWriters2019

October 28, 2019


Hello beautiful people!

First off, let me start by saying I am super excited to be doing this! I've been on Write The World for a while now, so I feel pretty confident I can run a contest on here! So, before I tell you the prompt for the contest, let's get into the rules!
  1. Your story cannot be plagarized or copied in any way. I know this one sounds obvious, but please! I am begging you. Don't plagarize. It's just not nice. So, if I am reading a story and I realize it's the exact same as one I read earlier, I will go back, look at when both of them were published, and eliminate the person who published theirs last. If you plagarize, not only will you be kicked out of the contest, but you will also be banned from any future contests that I may hold on this account. So please, don't plagarize! Trust me, it is a lot of work for me too if you plagarize, so it would be better for both of us if you just didn't.
  2. No hating on other writers. I am very serious about this rule. If I find out that you have been commenting rude things on another person's story in hopes of discouraging them from entering the contest (and trust me, I will find out because they will either tell me or I will find your comments myself), you are automatically banned. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  3. You must actually write the stories. (I know most of you will, but please, if you don't think you can commit to the contest, I would really appreciate if you didn't enter! It's just a lot easier for me.)
  4. Finally, it is not required, but it would be appreciated if you followed my account! It will also help you stay up to date on the winners of each round of the contest, (yes! Multiple rounds!!!) and let you know if you have been called to the challenge of the next round!!

OOOOOOOOOOKAY, all the boring stuff is out of the way! Time for the fun stuff!! Here's some information about the contest!
  1. This writing contest is going to have multiple rounds! I have not seen this so far on Write the World, but I have seen it on other writing websites, so I decided to try it out on here! Each round will have a different prompt that you will respond to!
  2. Responses must be at least 500 words long and must be less than 5000 words. Responses can be up to 5000 words long, but keep in mind, a longer story is not always a better story. If you can finish your story and wrap it up in a nice little bow in only 500 words, more power to you! However, each story must at least be 500 words long so I can properly judge and compare stories. If your story is under or over the limit by less than 50 words, you will not be kicked out of the contest; however, you will be dropped a spot in my rankings. That means if you were originally in 2nd place, you may be dropped to 3rd place. If you are more than 50 words out of the limits either way, you will be disqualified. :(
  3. As I said before, each round will have a different prompt to respond to. That prompt can be used to write a story of any genre you wish! If a prompt is a dialogue prompt though, or a starting/ending prompt, please quote it word for word. If you want to add something to the end or beginning of the sentence, please feel free to do so, but do not break up the prompt. For example, if the prompt were to include the dialogue, "I thought you said you'd be on time", I could add, "Gerald, I thought you said you'd be on time," or "I thought you said you'd be on time, but obviously you were lying." However, I could not add "I thought you said, after missing all my past parties, you'd be on time" because it breaks up the prompt.
  4. In your stories, please keep any sensitive content that might get your story taken down to a minimum. If it is taken down by the website and I am not able to read it before the deadline, then you will be disqualified. As long as it is appropriate by the website's standards though, I will accept it! Cursing is allowed, but please use it specifically, not excessively. If it is used to emphasize a character's distress, that is okay (ex: after bumping into a chair three times, a character exclaims "this f***ing chair won't stay out of my way!"). If it is used to describe an object, (ex: character walks into a room, and begins describing things in it, like, "I see a couch, and a f***ing chair"), I would appreciate if you didn't use it. Sexual content is also allowed, but AT A MINIMUM! The website can be very strict about these things, and I would hate for your piece to get taken down before I read it!
  5. Finally, the only thing left I have to tell you is that I plan to have 3 rounds of this contest! If you advance to the next round, I will comment on your original story, but you will have to look at my profile for the next prompt. I will also list all people advancing, so just because I don't comment on your story, check out who is advancing anyway! There is a small chance I might forget to comment on your page!

Okay, I may have been lying when I said that was the last thing I had to tell you. I have to tell you how I'll be judging your work! Here's the rubric I've worked out for judging the work:
  • 50 total points are possible for writers. After I judge your work, I will comment all of your scores on your pieces so you can figure out what you might want to work on. Below are what you can get points for. :)
  • 10 points are available for following the prompt. Wow! That simple! 10 automatic points for your piece including the prompt or relating to it somehow! If it is a dialogue prompt, this should be pretty easy. If it is a concept of a story, this can be a bit trickier, so make sure you refer back to the prompt to make sure you are following it!
  • 10 points are available for having an interesting/attention-grabbing plot. Make sure your story is interesting! If I am fidgeting and wanting to stand and move while trying to read it, that may not be the best sign. But if I am completely immersed and can't leave my computer until I finish reading it, then that is what you are shooting for!
  • 10 points are available for creativity and a voice as a writer. I don't want to read a version of the same stories I've always heard! I want to read something new! As long as your story isn't a copy of someone else's, 5 of these should be easy points to earn. The other 5 go towards your voice as a writer. I want to experience a style of writing I've never read! I want the story to be unique, and I want to know that if another writer had written the same story, they wouldn't have sounded the same because your writing is unique.
  • 10 points are available for sentence structure and description. I won't be cracking down hard on the spelling of things or capitalizing of words, but sentences do need to be complete, and run-on sentences should be avoided. Description and detail can also earn you points.
  • 10 points are available for a clear ending that, in one way or another, wraps up the story. This means that if a story's ending is sudden or abrupt, you will get bad points on this. This does not mean cliffhangers are not accepted. However, just because you don't go through your character's journey doesn't mean you can't wrap up the reader's journey. This simply means that if it feels like you just decided, "this is where I'm going to stop writing because I don't want to write any more," you won't get points for it. If it clearly feels like a stopping place (think: if it were in a book, could it wrap up a chapter or end the book? Even if the conflict is resolved, is this a place a reader can stop comfortably?) then it will be accepted and you will receive good points on it.

Finally!! The first round of the contest will be due November 15th! It may take me a while to read through all of them, so PLEASE be patient! Depending on how many people join the competition, approximately one third will be eliminated the first round. In the second round, another third will be eliminated. In the final round, winners will be chosen! I haven't decided on how many winners there will be because that depends on the number of people who join, but be assured, the prizes will be great!! :D


This is a dialogue prompt, which means you can either have a character say or think it. Please remember the rules for including or using prompts, and good luck!! Comment below if you are deciding to enter, and comment when you post! Make sure to include the #CuriousWriters2019 in the name so I can know which post it is! Thank you, and once again, good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor.

                                                                                                     "You know it's not my choice."


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  • Ursa

    Here it is! It's messy and possibly doesn't make sense.

    almost 2 years ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    I just posted my entry! Thank you again:)

    almost 2 years ago
  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    ok first of all i love your bio and how you said may the odds be ever in your favor, youre such a giant nerd i like you already
    im going to enter lemme go write somethin! ;)

    almost 2 years ago
  • The Great Gabs-by

    Here's my entry thankss:))

    almost 2 years ago
  • Anha

    sorry, here's the revised version.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Anha

    this is my entry for round one, which ironically happens to be the second part of a series i'm writing. if you're interested in more context, read part one too.

    almost 2 years ago
  • aditi

    here's my final(i hope) with the added dialogue piece-

    almost 2 years ago
  • aditi

    Here's my revised piece- i didn't quite know what you meant by "prompt line", but I just added some more dialoge....

    almost 2 years ago
  • aditi

    here's my piece:

    almost 2 years ago
  • ghostyboi

    Here's my entry:

    almost 2 years ago
  • Kepler

    I'll try to enter, I usually have trouble meeting deadlines, but this one's pretty far away, so I think I'll be able to. I really like this prompt idea, and already have a few ideas swirling in my head! ;)

    almost 2 years ago
  • pardalote_30

    This sound exciting! I would love to enter and will do my best to get the writing done. :)

    almost 2 years ago
  • Ursa

    Okay, making a plan to enter ... I dare say I'm getting excited, no one has run a contest like this on WtW, to my knowledge.

    almost 2 years ago
  • aditi

    This is gonna be so fun! Definitely joining!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    I really want to join, but I can't promise that I can do it...I have a lot of schoolwork and stuff to do...I can hardly find time to READ. Everyone who knows me knows i can dominate a 1000 page book in like two days.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Maryam Q

    Awesome competition! I'm definitely joining.

    almost 2 years ago
  • loquacious_lil

    This sounds really cool!

    almost 2 years ago
  • ghostyboi

    Okay, I'll enter! It sounds like a lot of fun!

    almost 2 years ago
  • BurningMidnightOil

    I’m definitely going to enter! Thank you for making the rules clear and easy to understand; I really appreciate that.

    almost 2 years ago