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A high school writer looking to improve her writing and get feedback. A fan of fragments and commas,,,

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There isn't a lot of plot to this, but any kind of feedback on the imagery would be helpful

Mother Earth

May 7, 2016


Mother Earth sleeps with the sea for a blanket. Her shoulders are the mountains, pointing into the sky. Her clothes are the trees, changing with the seasons colors. Her skin is the earth, soft and brown. Her breath is the wind, carrying her laughter and tears. Her heart is the red-hot core buried beneath miles of stone. Her blood is molten lava shifting under her skin. Her grandmother is the sun and her grandfather is the stars. Her sister is the moon and her children are you and me. We have her eyes, her voice, her love. We have her unrelenting force, her cruelty, her fire. We are her children, and she is growing old; yet she is just as beautiful as the day she was made. Take care of my mother when I am gone. When I am buried in her embrace, don’t let my children forget. Remember her beauty and the sound of her laughter in the wind. Remember the colors of her seasons and her scorching heartbeat. Remember how she cared for you, how she taught you to survive, and how she loves you.
A little something for mother's day. Remember to give your mom a hug and a kiss!


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