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Message to Readers

Thank you so much for reading my poetry. :)
Do tell me if you would also love to live in a world of fantasies and joy.

With Crossed-Fingers★

March 29, 2015

One day Leigh will wake up, and find that she can go back.

A few clicks here and there and time will decelerate.

Like fables and dreams have come to life,

Magic will fly through her fingertips.

And in a book that is not of lies,

The universe will unveil itself.

The false Gods and their promises,

Won’t be so influential anymore.

And hope, yes hope, she will buy in jars.

An alternate reality she will create,

And live away from the real-world cruelties.

Kind people will hold intelligence,

And the bad shall serve their sentence.

Like a world where there is balance,

And a planet with sparkling air,

She’ll fly and befriend the clouds.

When at night she will sleep soundly,

A reality of dreams she will live.


Mermaids and dragons and faeries,

And ghosts, spirits and witches.

It will be crazy and beautiful and simple.

But for now Leigh has pain and scars,

And she’ll find beauty in them;

Because for every good, there must be bad.

Or the good wouldn't be known at all.


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