Hi, I'm Madeleine :) I'm thirteen, I love dogs, reading, watching Netflix and eating chocolate. My passion is writing and my dream is to become a famous author and screenwriter. Also to have lots of dogs, preferably Boston terriers.

#nonhumancomp Deadline Extended

October 14, 2019


Hi all, 

I've decided to extend my contest's deadline to the end of November to give people a bit more time to submit entries if they want. Thanks to the people who've already entered :)

Here is the link to original post:


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  • aceoftriangles

    pineapples Of course you can submit :) I look forward to reading your entry

    9 months ago
  • pineapples

    hi, is it okay if I submit a piece I already used for a different user-hosted contest?
    I will add #nonhumancomp and just enter it for now.
    if your answer is no, I can't submit that, please let me know in the comments of my piece. Thanks! :)

    9 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Cool :) can we enter more than once?

    9 months ago