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Death's rose

October 13, 2019


Shallow water rushes to my feet, curling under my toes. I gasp at its cold touch, threads of water pull me back. My back skids along the wet sand, tearing into my muscle. I bite back the urge to scream, no one would hear me. I held my breath, pushing my arms behind me. Sky came into view, thick clouds drifting along its surface.  My fingers torn and bloody reach the surface, stroking air. I sigh falling back slightly. I drift with the waves, black curls flung across my face. I feel a sudden tug on my leg, once again I fall to the oceans bottom. Water flows through my lungs, filling till I drown. I notice sudden fatigue but my eyes stay open. Pain burns my chest, tightening by the minute. I was dying. Blood red petals splash against the ocean's surface, floating toward me. One sticks to my face, it was the last thing I saw.

Cold rock presses into my back, shivers biting my skin. Everything comes back to me, the water, the rose. I start panting, tears burning my face. A shadow sways in front, towering over me. 
"Why do you cry tiny one, it's not so bad,'' the shadow screeches
I cover my ears, swearing at the strange shadow, it only laughs picking me off the ground.
"Don't test me, I need you, Naomi, only you can do it now,"
I whimper beneath its grip, my voice comes out squeaky," Why, I didn't do anything wrong."
I fall to the ground, waiting for the pain but nothing comes. I begin to panic again, what did they do to me. I rush at the creature, slamming my fist into it. They scream flying off the little island.
"Thank you, child, my time has-" It chokes," come, let death rise again."

                                                                              Three months later
I still search for the shadow, clinging to small hope it is still alive. No one could see me, no one. I was like a ghost, maybe I had unfinished business. No one found my body, said it was lost in the sea. I watched my mother cry as she was told I'd died. She lay in my bed, clinging to my blanket.
"Why god did you steal her, what had she done," Mother sobbed
I couldn't bear another second, I walked toward her placing a hand on her shoulder. Mother screamed, her skin turning grey. Wrinkles line her face, deepening in seconds. Whispers filled my head, thoughts from another person. I blink, noticing a lone shadow standing in front of me. It screams, backing into the corner. My cupboard falls clattering to the ground.
‚Äč"...Naomi, what did you do," Mother gasps," they found Get away, leave before you cause more trouble."
‚ÄčAnger boils inside me, what wasn't she telling. I grab her shadow forces my face in front of her. 
"What is wrong with me, what didn't you tell me," I yell
I watch her flinch, curling into her self. Tears fall to the floor, leaving grey stains.
"We couldn't tell you till you were old enough Nami, you have a different father. He was a nice guy, i didn't know he was Death not till you were born,"
"My father is Death."

For days I travel, keeping away from people. My mother's soul left me, seeking the sky. I wanted to do the same but I couldn't I was death. Flashes of lightning course through the sky, a body falls into the snow. A bright glow radiates from them, brightening as they get closer. 
"Naomi Darken, daughter of Death you are hearby banished," they hissed.
Flames burn between my palm, flying toward the bright light. They hiss at impact, charging toward me. They stop in front of me, green eyes raging.
"Who the heck are you," I snarl
The backdown, dropping their sword," Garvin Parther, the god's son."
My heart thumps at his sight, he stands tall, six-foot maybe taller Lean muscle crawls along his frame. I was doomed.


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  • Crazy

    Thank you:)

    almost 2 years ago
  • elani@sun4

    Whao I really felt it, really intense and very good telling.

    almost 2 years ago