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This is for Charisse Marison's contest, #sparkingcreativity! I took a fairytale I wrote a few years ago and edited it a bit (I really have changed as a writer since then!). Please, give me your honest feedback,

The Lost Prince #sparkingcreativity

October 13, 2019


“I can’t let you do this!” the distraught mother protested angrily. “My child has a right to live with me, and a conceited, selfish prince cannot take that right away.” Although she knew that this was the custom, it was wrong, and she would do everything she could to fight it. 
The prince smiled a smug little smile and leaned forward from his throne. He wasn’t at all scarred by the insult. “My dear niece, if your little boy has the true right to be the next prince of Dragonia, he will eventually figure out the truth of his past. I am one old lizard, and once I leave this world, the kingdom will only be sustained for another 300 years. You know what happened in the days of despair.” He may have seemed gentle and kind, but on the inside, the prince was a wicked, cruel man with a nasty heart. No past prince of Dragonia had ever figured out this secret, and he figured it was the same with this child.  
“But,” the mother tried to argue, desperate, but the prince put a long, curvy claw on her mouth. 
“There’s a good girl. Now let me see this baby.” The mother reluctantly handed the prince her young child. She knew that she was losing this battle, but she would never stop fighting. 
The prince studied the baby intently, and soon snorted his approval, causing the disgusted mother to leap back and avoid the flame. 
“His scales glimmer like the dragon’s pearl. This baby will be a perfect candidate for the next prince of Dragonia. As we all know, the prince must be intelligent, kind and caring to others and handsome.” he certified. 
“Then I don’t know how you became a prince.” the mother muttered under her breath. The prince’s face hardened, and he firmly continued.
“You may go, my lady.” The mother tearfully did so. Yes, it was the end of one era, but she knew she would see her son again. She just didn’t know when. 
The prince smiled, an evil, pernicious smile. He took a deep, long breath of air, causing a flame to rise. The baby squealed and watched smoke rise from his nostrils, fascinated. A malicious cackle was enjoyed by the prince, for he could finally be his evil self. 
“There we go, baby. Enjoy your life while it lasts.” 

Eighty years later, a beautiful brown owl majestically swooped through a forest. With shades of green dotting the canopy of leaves, it looked like a map, spreading out as far as the eye could see. For a brief moment, the owl panicked, thinking she was lost, but two thin columns of smoke rising from the forest reassured her. 
The maker of the smoke looked up. “Olivia!” he cried joyfully. “You’re back!” He was relieved to see her, for he was worried as well. 
“Indeed I am!” Olivia Owl replied, settling down on her usual perch. She set down her new-found treasures and resumed the telling of her news. “I got three worms and two mice for me, and just east of the burnt tree is a herd of cows for you.” She was pleased with her work and hoped he would be, too. 
“Excellent!” her friend praised. “Y’know, there’s nothing like fresh beef to fulfill a dragon’s palate.” The young owner of fire scooted back in his dried-out pond chair and stared into space. 
Olivia flew down to a branch where she could look into her buddy’s eyes while talking to him. “Are you okay, young dragon?’ she inquired, coming yet even closer. “You’ve seemed down lately.”
“It’s just I’ve been thinking a lot about my past,” he admitted. “Where do I come from? What’s my heritage like? And, come to think of it, why can’t I fly?” He liked having a friend to spill all of his worries into. 
Olivia scratched her head. She didn’t have an answer to any of these questions, yet she wanted to please her friend. “It’s probably just genetics,” she suggested. 
The lizard’s cousin rolled onto his back. “I’ve also been reading my history books a lot lately. It seems that there’s a lost prince of Dragonia who was left in a forest with only a ribbon and… oh, what was the other item?” They fell into silence, each pondering the mysteries anew, and the larger one of the pair searched for the other item in a large, red book. 
“I wonder…” began Olivia, but her words were interrupted by a rustling noise, Both creatures froze in their positions, petrified. 
The suspense was awful. Each waited for the sickening sound of the prince’s trumpets and war drums. They braced themselves, as the rustling came closer, then, to their surprise… 
An innocent-looking human mother and son stepped into the clearing. Their small house, as the pair could now see, stood a good distance away but was in the same quarter of an acre as them. 
They both looked scared at the sight of an eight-foot three, seven hundred pound dragon, but were eased when the not-so-terrible lizard bent down and licked the little boy’s face. 
 “Can I play with them, Mommy?” he asked longingly. His mother considered for a second and was about to say no (she didn’t want to turn around and find her son ripped to shreds) but then took another look into the young dragon’s eyes. They looked at her with such sincerity and gentleness that she knew immediately that this creature would never harm a human being. Her son would be safe. 
 “Alright.” she agreed, with a slight Southern accent. “But I’ll sit on this rock here with my iced tea and watch you play. You have fun, okay?” Her son nodded eagerly and pranced over to Olivia, with the dragon not far behind, joviality in every step. 
“Hello!” he cheerfully greeted her. “I’m Tommy. I’m six and a half.” Awkward silence occurred. 
Olivia spoke up. “I’m Olivia. This is a dragon. You can call him ‘dragon’.” She had never seen a human before, and, liking this little boy, wanted to please him. 
“Oh,” replied Tommy. “Where are his mommy and daddy? My daddy is in my house, but my mommy is outside. Hi, Mommy!” he cried, waving. She waved back, happy to see that her son had found a friend. Ever since preschool he hadn’t gotten along with the other kids. A dragon friend was a good start, she decided. 
Olivia was about to respond, but the young dragon jumped in, turning to Tommy. “I don’t know where my parents are. The only home I remember is this wood.” 
Tommy was sad. To not know where your mommy and daddy were- it was a terrifying concept to a six and a half-year-old. He had developed a fascination with this dragon, and wanted to please him more than anything. 
 “You can live with me!” he offered, then leaned in very close. “My mommy makes the best cookies in the whole entire world.” Very proud of himself, Tommy scooted away, a sweet smile brimming on his face. 
The young dragon shook his scaly head. “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll stay here.’ he nullified, not unkindly. Tommy's face sank, and the young dragon knew it was up to him to cheer the little boy up. "But for now, let's play."
As the sky began to sink into the coolness of evening, the three friends played everything from hide-and-seek to hopscotch until Tommy's mother stood up, calling her son back to dinner. 
Tommy’s freckled face dimmed. “Yes, mother.” he reluctantly agreed, beginning the walk back to the house. "Bye, Olivia!" he called, turning around. "Bye, Dragon!"
The friends waved back, a bittersweet feeling rising in their heart at the thought of their little playmate leaving them.  
When Tommy was gone, the young dragon stood up. “It’s almost time for dinner. I’ll go get myself a cow or two,” he announced, sprinting away. 
Alone now, Olivia settled on flambèing her three worms and sauteing the mice. Now that was one delicious dinner. 
Suddenly, a huge gust of wind swept in and seemed to laugh at Olivia as it knocked all of the young dragon’s books from their perch. Some even flew open. The wind was a destructive beast with no hope in mind but to destroy Olivia’s perfect evening.   
“Oh dear, oh dearie dear,” she muttered, scrambling to pick up the books. 
I really should look at these books more often, she considered, while learning many interesting tidbits about the history of Dragonia. Apparently, the other item the lost prince was left with when he was abandoned was history books about his kingdom. This sentence struck a funny chord in Olivia's chest as she processed it. But what really caught her eye was a sentence in the next book.    
“The lost prince can’t fly.” it seemed to call out to her. Olivia’s heart jumped inside her chest. She looked further into the passage and nearly fainted. All of the information was parallel to the young dragon’s! The words flew through her head like a roller coaster as she read and reread the segment. 
“The lost prince can’t fly. This is because of a red ribbon tied around his neck that is limiting his air supply (if you remember chapter three on the basics of dragon flying). To remove this, he must bathe in pond water at midnight, then walk to the place where the shoulder of the key would be (remember, the forest is shaped like a key) to the grove of talking trees. The lost prince must then find a willing tree and use him/her to remove the ribbon. Now he will be able to fly.”     
Well, this all seemed pretty accurate to Olivia. The young dragon couldn’t fly. He had a red ribbon tied around his neck and often visited the talking trees. Now there was only one more thing to check. 
She put the book down and took off into flight, going high enough to see the entire forest. At first, the point didn’t come, but then Olivia nearly fell out of the sky. 
The forest was shaped like a key. 
The owl collected herself and swooped back down to her perch. She had a lot to ponder. Was it truly possible that the young dragon was the lost prince of Dragonia? 

“You can’t be serious!” the young dragon blurted out later that night. 
“It’s true!” Olivia assured, showing him the passage. He, too, nearly fainted.
“It all seems precise to me. I’ll bathe in pond water at midnight tonight.” There was a slight, very awkward pause as the young dragon contemplated what had been going on in his mind for ages until he figured out how to voice that.  “I wonder, was the wind possibly… trying to help?” 
“Maybe…” Olivia contemplated. “That would make sense. After all, we have noticed that it seems to calm down around you.” She enjoyed the possibility. 
The next day, after a breakfast of sunny-side-up frog eggs and leftover cow, the young dragon and Olivia excitedly ventured to the grove of talking trees. Their plan didn’t seem to be very successful at first. The first three trees they saw were still sleeping, and the next were sassy teenagers who wanted no business with them. Finally, the eighth tree was of an agreeable sort. 
Taking a deep breath, the young dragon stepped forward. He leaned against the tree and began rubbing. The ribbon dissolved immediately, like powder in water. 
“I feel different. Healthier. Stronger. More… regal.” announced the young dragon, awed. The tree smiled. 
“You must be the future prince of Dragonia.” she recognized. When the young dragon modestly nodded, she continued with her lecture. “We all know the prophecy: Princes of Dragonia must be intelligent, kind and caring to others and handsome. You are intelligent; you figured out the mystery of the lost prince.”
“With my help.” broke in Olivia. 
“With her help.” agreed the tree. “You are kind and caring to others. I saw the way you treated young Tommy the other day. If you can treat all of your subjects that way, which I presume you will, your ruling will be a time to remember. And, lastly, you are very handsome indeed.” She showed her approval with a nod and a smile brightening her wrinkled face. 
The three sat in silence for a few moments. Then, with a realization, Olivia jumped to her feet. “We’ll have to see if you can fly!” she exclaimed. “Come on!” She leapt into the air expertly and looked behind herself expectantly. And, -oh, the joy-, with the tree smiling proudly, the young dragon joined her, soaring on the back of the wind.    
 After some time, the pair heard voices underneath them. Curiously, they swooped down to see closer and were overjoyed by the result. It was Tommy and his mother!
“Look! It’s Dragon and Olivia! They’re flying!” Tommy cried out. The friends landed down on the soft, grassy earth. Since the young dragon was still too awed to talk, he simply acknowledged that Tommy could ride on his back, if he so desired.  
“Can I, mother?” the little boy eagerly asked, his face lighting up sincerely and innocently. His mother smiled, taking his basket of newly picked berries. 
“Be back by supper.” she accepted, and Tommy cheerfully climbed on, settling in like the young dragon’s back was a chair made for him. They took off into the distance, the whole kingdom spreading out below them, a secret unfolding. The sunset was an orange and pink blanket, wrapping the kingdom in its coziness. It brushed the edges of the horizon with tender reassurance. 
When the world was no longer a complete mystery and the trio was heading back to Tommy’s house, Olivia turned to the young dragon. 
“I’m glad I have a friend like you,” she stated. 
The young dragon nodded, a smile slowly spreading across his scaly snout. “Me too.” he agreed. 
“Me three!” chimed in Tommy. 


​    The young dragon and Olivia found their way to the castle. Everyone accepted their arrival, and were overjoyed to have a new prince- but no one was more overjoyed than the young dragon’s mother. She embraced him with such tender love and care that had not been seen in the kingdom for thousands of years. The crowd that had gathered to watch clapped as the mother and son hugged, a deserving hug considering the amount of time they’d spent apart. A smile spread across the mother’s wrinkled face. 
    “I knew you’d come back.” she sweetly whispered. 
    As one dwarf said later, the young dragon arrived at the perfect time. At the very second that they entered the gates, the old prince was sick and dying in his bed. He died merely ten days later, making the young dragon officially prince. 
Olivia grew up to be a wise and noble owl. She never married but adopted three young owlets whose mother had neglected them. Tommy became a handsome, strong man who was one of the prince’s most trusted advisors. He married a pretty girl when he was twenty-five and saved one of Olivia’s owlets from a jaguar in the woods one day, only at age thirteen. 

Some said that the reign of the young dragon was the most peaceful age of any in the land. 

And they weren't wrong. 
For prompt #1, Fairytale 


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  • Charisse Marison


    almost 2 years ago
  • Charisse Marison

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! This sounds straight out of a storybook! The characters are so charming and I love the finale! Your story also incorporated some more modern things, like how Tommy will go to a preschool. overall, this is AMAZING! Thank you for entering this contest and the Disney one too (although now they're combined) Good luck :)

    almost 2 years ago