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Message to Readers

It would be nice if you put the link to this in your 'message to writers box' or bio! Help someone out ya know? You don't have to though. Also: this did take FOREVER to write, so someone better get some good use out of this :)

Tips, Hints, & Other Miscellaneous Things to Know When on WTW

April 19, 2020


So lately I've had a lot of questions asking on how to do numerous things varying from how to link a word to preventing your first word you have automatically be capitalized once you publish a piece. Therefore, instead of leaving thousands of comments all over the place, I'll just make one big piece about everything, that you can refer or recommend for a fellow WTWer.

Linking URLs/websites to a word
1. ​Copy the URL you want linked
2. Go to the piece where you want the link to be (make sure you're editing the piece, you can't add a link without editing)
3. Type the word you want to be linked to the URL (For Example: If you want the world 'here' type out the word 'here')
4. Highlight the word with your cursor
5. Click the paper clip option/bottom right next to bullet point option, underneath where you type the title
6. Paste your URL
7. Click 'OK
Tip: Be careful afterward. If you delete the word you linked, the link itself will go away. Also, once a word is linked, you can't add on to it and make whatever you added linked too. You have to highlight the whole thing to link it all

Republishing a Piece but not Losing the Comments & Likes
1. Go to 'manage versions'
2. Click 'unpublish this version'
3. Go back to 'options'
4. Hit "publish this version for peer review"
5. Go to "publish"
Hint: If you had to make changes/edit a piece, you CAN NOT republish it and get the comments and likes again, since it's considered a new piece altogether. Meaning, this only works if you make NO changes

Prevent the First Letter of your Piece from Capitalizing
1. Wait until you're done writing your whole piece or making changes/edits
2. Click the spot right before your very first letter of the piece, so your cursor/blinker if right before the word/letter (For Example: If your piece starts with 'the' move you cursor/blinker so it's right before the 't')
3. Hint enter
Hint: This is really helpful with lowercase prose, poem, or story pieces!

Edit your Title AFTER You've Already Published the Piece Without Losing Comments & Likes
1. Go to the published version of your piece
2. Click 'continue writing'
3. Click 'edit title'
4. Change the title to what you want it to be
5. Click 'save title'
6. Click 'See all Saved Versions and Publishing Options'
7. Click the black 'Published' button, right next to the green 'Options' button
Tip: Your title change will effecting everything else. This means that if someone liked the piece with the original title, it will say it liked the same piece just with the new title.

Tips for Conducting Contests
- Have the contestants put a '#' in their title so you can easily search through WTW pieces for entries that relate only to your contest (For Example, I used #imagineit for my contest & Weirdo used #sweetlybitter for their contest.)
- When using a '#', avoid putting the word 'contest' in it. Typically a lot of contest are going on at once, so when people search 'contest' to see what they can enter, they may just end up seeing your contest entries and miss contests oppurtinies offered by other WTWers.
- If you publish a piece about your contest winners, title it whatever you want, just try to put the term 'winners' and 'results' in there as well. This makes it easy for people to have the choice in searching either or and finding your contest easier, instead of just searching 'winners' and it not appear cause you titled it just 'results'.
- Avoid hosting more than one contest at a time. It can get confusing and become a lot of work-for both you and the people entering. Plus, it can affect the number of entries and the qualities of the entries you get.
- Create a due date a good amount of time, so people have enough time to see the contest and create a wonderful piece to enter. (I recommend somewhere between 2 weeks to 6 weeks, but you can do whatever you want, though more than 3 months seems a bit excessive)
- I know sometimes you can't help it, but try not to start a contest during a huge wave of contest. Many times writers get fed up if 20 different contests are happening at the same time, and can't keep up. This can also affect the quantity and quality of the pieces you get.

Reviewing Pieces (Whether for a Contest or Not)
A lot of pieces have been made about how to review pieces, so I'll just put a few links up to the ones I like best. So just check at least one of them out, but if you're willing, read them all!
reviewers' club's piece called 'reviewing for dummies: a guide'
Corner Writing Club's piece called 'How to Review Like a Boss *dabs again*'
rainandsonder's piece called 'The Reviewing Pro-Tips That They Don't Want You to Know (kidding, just some regular tips)'

Commenting on Pieces (Whether for a Contest or Not)
Once again, a few pieces have been made about how to comment, so I'll put up links I think you should check out.
Corner Writing Club's piece called 'How to Comment Like a Boss *dabs*'
Opal Drop's piece called 'What comment shows you really read the piece?'

Liking a Piece
When you like a piece, leave a comment! It really helps the writer out, gives them feedback and support. Many writers get annoyed because to them, Likes is no sort of feedback and tells them nothing. Now, I'm not saying you have to, but it's STRONGLY suggested.

Following a WTWer not only says how much you like them but also gives them SO much support. It tells them you like their writing, believe in them, enjoy their reviews, etc, etc. Whatever the reason, just know, a follow can mean a lot to a person.

Controversial Pieces (Regardless Where)
To Readers: Be KIND & RESPECTFUL!! It takes bravery and confidence to publish a controversial piece stating one's opinion, and the last thing they need is someone bullying or being rude/disrespectful about it. It's one thing to share your opinion about it and tell them what you think RESPECTFULLY, and it's one thing to do so rudely but coming at their life/writing. So, as a stranger once said, 'If you have nothing nice to say or can't criticize respectfully, don't say a single thing at all'
To Writers: Be KIND & RESPECTFUL as well. I'm happy you're supporting and arguing for your opinion, however, do so correctly. This means you can't tell someone else what to do or be disrespectful to them if they don't agree with you or believe something else. Just state your opinion and be civil.

Checking Grammar & Editing
Connect/add Grammarly to chrome or this website-it really helps! You can sign up for free and having a bunch of benefits, or subscribe and pay for even more benefits. Either way, it helps.
Please share this link with fellow WTWer!!! Spread the word, help a fellow writer out! Also, if someone ever asks you a question, you can just answer it with this link! Personally, I'll put this link in my bio or message to readers so it's easy to access.
If you have any other questions, please comment below and I'll get back to you best I can & probably edit this piece and add the answer in here too.


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