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Bitter and broken

October 12, 2019


Bitter I stand here looking around your void, emotionless faces! Broken is the emotion I feel as I look at your magnificent blue eyes, you know not of what I dreamt and planned for us whilst looking into them! Nay do you know! What does she give that I cannot, what does she promise? She will surely bring downfall to your empty life, surely wicked will come swiftly and strike you! Round and round I go looking for what I believe you can provide! You can only provide lies and misery! How I once believed  in you, how I once trusted in my dreams and in your smiles but now you are by her side. She makes beautiful music with woodwinds, I make mine with thunderous rhythm and captivating screams. Why do I waste my breath on screams you cannot possibly hear! Such a fool is I, lonesome and weary- all I wish for is to drink at the well of one's love and to frolic in the pasture of joyousness! Trumpets sound like crashing waves and drums frighten with their howls, I blanket myself with their bitter cries and take comfort in another day without you! why do I need you so badly? For I am stronger on my own, wiser and confident. My friends promise their promises that I carelessly resist! Only they can help me! I slither back into my pit of darkness, for you should not mind it, because if you cannot experience it you do not treasure the lesson of it.


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