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Hello again! This is a series I will be updating daily over the weekend, and I'm very excited for this one. I would love any feedback (especially critical feedback), and thanks for reading!

A Tale of Two Treasures

May 6, 2016


She stood alone, tapping at the glass of a display case, calling her friend over to take a look. Her friend Cara jogged over, earning a stern glare from one of the black-suited nerds elected to watch over the room. The museum had a moldy smell, and the air was thick with humidity. The place was disgusting- outfitted with sticky, wooden benches, dusty curtains in each room, dingy light fixtures, and cracked glass boxes. She came here everyday, just to study the artifacts from thousands of years ago. I never knew why.
She had moved into the 2000's, surveying old flat screen tv's with her crisp, green eyes. The tv's were cracked and dented from wear, and played scratched cd's upon their screens. Feya walked over to the old devices, tapping at the screen of an old "ipad," which had a web of splintered glass on one of the corners. Meanwhile, Cara was pulling her long, blonde hair into a ponytail. She looked bored and grossed out, so I decided to strike up a conversation.
"Hey, the name's Berkley, what's up?" I asked, trying to imitate her lazy demeanor.
"Oh, I'm Cara, and I'm just waiting for my friend. Hey aren't you the manager of the cafe downstairs?" She said. Her eyes brightened, as everyone's did when they saw me.
"Yeah.  By the business sector." I said with a forced smile. The museum was in a tall building that had many companies and 'sectors' inside, a health development sector, a business sector, a government sector, and many others.
"Oh cool! I love your smoothies! They are so sweet!" She bubbled. I brushed a piece of light brown hair out of the way of my golden eyes, and when I looked back at her, she looked like she was ready to melt.
"I better get going Cara. Gotta go... Manage I guess." I said, quickly retreating from the conversation. Before I knew it, she had stuffed her phone number into my hand and winked at me before turning away. I walked downstairs quickly, tossing the number into the same trashcan I crumpled every other girls' number in.

I strode across the warm, wooden floor, pausing at each detailed, beautiful artifact. The museum had a certain rustic charm, emitting a unique beauty and warmth. The light filtering in from the windows was so natural and pure, the air was sweet and soft on the lungs. The wood-work was detailed and carefully crafted. I loved looking at stuff from before the revolution. Now everyone had to use tattoos to go into any building, as they were proof of citizenship in the R.U.S... Known better as the Re-evolved United States. I pulled at a strand of dirty blonde hair as I analyzed a keyboard. I looked back to call over my best friend Cara, only to see she was talking to that Berkley guy who managed the cafe. All I knew of him was that he was a player. Everyday there was a new girl ogling at him. He wasn't that attractive to me. Cute maybe, but nothing to lose pride over. Cara was practically throwing herself at him, and I just shook my head at her. Finally he walked away, pausing at a trash bin before returning to bounding down the stairs. He always sat in the museum during his breaks, always on the same ornate, beautiful bench. I walked over to Cara, and snapped my fingers in front of her dazed face, shaking her to reality. Her blue eyes met mine as the fog cleared.
"Huh, what?" She stuttered. She looked around, confused.
"You were talking to that guy, Berkley." I sighed. What was she doing?
"Who? Can we go now? I'm tired." Once she began to whine, I knew it was time to go. As we walked to the exit, I began thinking about that Berkley guy. Weird that Cara couldn't remember him. I shook the thoughts from my mind and stepped out onto the clean concrete sidewalk.

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