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Your Pretty Faces Are Going to Hell

July 4, 2020


I was here to do anything but fall in love
She leaned over the table
Red satin spilled over smooth skin like dark glass
Unblinking eyes a sea of endless black
She grinned- teeth a little too sharp
"Didn't you know? The revolution's already here"
And I didn't believe her
Why should I?
What has she ever been but a romantic and poet?
I guess we've got something in common
She cracked her neck by pulling her head too far
It could've been ten thousand years before we met eyes again
The battlefield seed to suit her- red as far as the eyes could see
I was here to do anything but fight
But the blood rushed to my head
Fists clenched
Short tempered and not witty enough to be funny about it
She could taste my anger
And fear
It permeated the air, like perfume
She carried roses, but she smelled like smoke
"You never should've come here. War's not half as pretty as you are"



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  • AbiJoy

    eeHee I liked as soon as I saw the msg to readers and then THAT JUXTAPOSITION

    5 months ago