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Hi guys. I want to be the best writer I can be. Don't be afraid to give me some constructive criticism, I need it. Thank you all so much!


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The Solaris Heir - Chapter 1

October 14, 2019


    Azerelle of Willowdale crouched in the brush on the edge of the meadow. She was still as a statue. She kept her eyes and ears peeled for anything out of the ordinary. There. Azerelle drew back her bow, taking careful aim. She took a deep breath and steadied her hands.     
    Twang. The bow snapped taught as the arrow was released, sending it shooting across the meadow. Thud. Azerelle stood up and walked to the center of the clearing, where the deer she shot had fallen. She counted the rack of horns, five. Not nearly enough to pay this weeks debt.
    Azerelle loaded the deer onto her hand build sled. There were ropes attached to it so that she could hook the sled to her shoulders. As she dragged her day's hunt back to Willowdale she had time to think. 
    Her father had been a gambler. It seemed that all he did was gamble away the family's hard earn savings. Pretty soon he had worked up a substantial debt. Her father died in an accident when she was eight. As the oldest of three girls and with her mother sick Azerelle, now sixteen, took on the task of paying back the debts owed. 
    Since today's hunt wasn't enough it looked like she would be working in the tavern tonight. Azerelle made and served dinner to all the men that came in. It wasn't a grand job, but it paid what parts of the debt hunting couldn't.
    Upon returning to town Azerelle sold her deer. She took the money home to put in the safe box.
    "Azerelle!" Her little sister Catelaya cried. "Your home."
    Azerelle gave Catelaya a hug. "How's mom today Catey?" She asked.
    "I don't know. Evie hasn't told me."
    Eveleigh was their mom's main caretaker, since Azerelle was gone so much. Eveleigh was fourteen and Catelaya was twelve. Azerelle walked into their mom's room. She was asleep.
    "Evie." Azerelle whispered. She nodded toward the hall.
    Eveleigh came out into the hall. 
    "Is she any better today?" Azerelle asked.
    "Not better, but not worse either. So I'll take what I can get."
    Eveleigh brushed a piece of hair out of her face. It had fallen from her long blonde braid. Eveleigh didn't know how pretty she was. She had bright blue eyes and fair skin, rare traits in Willowdale. Evie had many admirers, and was almost to marrying age.
    Azerelle on the other hand was plain as can be. She had dark, curly hair and darker eyes. Her skin was tanned from many days in the sun. Azerelle was already of marrying age, but she wasn't ready to settle down. She had her own family to take care of. Besides there weren't any young men she fancied.
    "Catelaya should be making dinner tonight. I have to work so I'll just grab something there. Make sure she gets to bed on time tonight, I won't be home till late." Azerelle instructed.
    She hugged Evie, ditched her hunting pants and shirt for a skirt and blouse, and left for work.
    Azerelle tucked a stray curl from her bun behind her ear as she wiped down the tavern counter. It was nearing eleven o'clock and she was almost done with her shift. Dinner and drinks had been served and poker games had long since been started. She finished wiping things down and came out from behind the counter. Azerelle headed towards some tables to clear them and wipe them down.
    "You. Girl." A man from a group playing poker called. "Come clear our table."
    Azerelle quickly obeyed not wanted to upset a customer. Upsetting a customer led to upsetting the boss. Upsetting the boss led to a dock in pay. The last thing Azerelle needed was a dock in pay.
    As she began clearing the dishes another man at the table called to her.
    "What's a pretty girl like you doin' workin' here?" He asked
    "I reckon that's none of your business, Sir." She responded.
    "Oh this one has some sass." He played with the rim of his glass. He lifted it up indicating that he wanted a refill. Azerelle rounded the table to refill his glass. While she did so he grabbed a handful of Azerelle's apron.
    "Kindly let go of my apron." Azerelle said firmly.
    "I don't think so." He grabbed her wrist with his other hand.
    The bell to the tavern entrance sounded but no one noticed.
    "Sir, unhand me at once. Or else..."
    "Or else what? I like me a girl with spirit." He laughed. It was a bone chilling sound.
    "This is the last time I am going to ask you. Now let go of me."
    Suddenly a young man appeared beside Azerelle.
    "Excuse me, but the young lady asked you to unhand her." He said. He looked about seventeen. His eyes shone like emeralds flecked with gold. His wavy hair the color of golden straw.
    "What if I don't want to?" The man said stubbornly. He gripped Azerelle's arm tighter.
    "Sir, you're hurting me." She said
    "Unhand the young lady right now."
    The man ignored him and rose from his chair. He adjusted his grip on Azerelle's wrist. 
    "If you don't let me go right now..."
    Azerelle didn't get to finish her sentence. For at that moment the young man punched the other man square in the nose. This caused the man to let go of Azerelle's wrist as his hands shot up to his nose.
    "Come on." The young man said, pulling her towards the door. "These are not the kind of men we want to be around any longer."
    The burst out of the tavern door and raced away. They ran until they were several blocks away. The two rounded a corner and stopped.
    "Thanks." Azerelle said. "And nice punch."
    "I was nothing. I can't stand lousy men like that." 
    Azerelle leaned against the wall. 
    "Come on" the young man said, "I'll walk you home."
    "Thank you. It's just on the outskirts of town."
    They began walking. Azerelle had never seen this boy before. 
    "Why do you work at that awful place?" He asked.
    "It's a long story, but my father died when I was eight. I'm the oldest and I have no brothers. So..."
    "I see. What about your mother?"
    "She a. She's very sick." Azerelle replied softly.
    "Oh. I'm so sorry."
    "It's okay." Azerelle looked up. "Well here it is. Thank you for everything."
    "It was my pleasure, M'lady." He bowed jokingly. "May I ask your name."
    She smiled. "I'm Azerelle. Of Willowdale."
    "Well, Azerelle of Willowdale, I bid you goodnight." He turned and began to walk away.
    "Wait," She called, "You didn't tell me you name."
    "I'm Talon Foundmen." He began walking back into town.
    Talon Foundmen. What a nice name. Azerelle thought. With that she went inside. 
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