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Hi everyone! I've always had a passion for writing and I wanted to share my love with the world. This has always been my dream, apart from singer, broadway star, and teacher. I love everyone, and I like country music, Disney, Harry potter, and Divergent! I'm fairly new to this so don't judge too harshly! :) Have a great day!
I also have a Wattpad account! You can find me under nifflerlover08
(Nifflers are those adorable creatures from Harry Potter BTW)
Treat People With Kindness! <3

#Sparking Creativity Contest

October 29, 2019


Hi y'all! So, I know I'm already hosting a contest (#disneymashup) and thank you to the people who have joined that! (@amohn04 and @Aspiring Author) But as I scroll through a whole bunch of other contests, I realize they usually have more than one prompt to choose from. So I decided to have more options, so here we go!

1. Write your own fairytale. It can involve, witches, princesses, dragons, or whatever you want! Just make it fiction!
2. What would happen if your dream came true? Discuss the pros and cons. Ex: If you want to be a Broadway star, remember you might have to spend lots of time away from family to tour!
3. Write a spooky story or poem involving a haunted pumpkin as the antagonist. But please, nothing too gorey. there can be death, but don't go into great detail about it!
 4. Disney Mashup! So I'm putting that contest in with this so more people can see it. All the entries already submitted are now also a part of this contest. 

So yeah! Nothing too fancy, but it's just for fun! I love sparking other people's creativity, so just have fun with this! Honestly, I'd be lucky if I get 1 or two entries, but I just love reading all your work! So I don't really care how many!
So, you can enter one for each prompt or just one total. Whatever you want to do! The prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 4 peer reviews of your choice, mention on my page, 5 likes, and I will follow you!
2nd Place: 2 peer reviews of your choice, mention on my page, and five likes of your choice!
3rd: mention on my page and five likes and comments of your choice!
Other: Mention on my page!

Rules: No swearing or inappropriate topics involved. Please keep this PG. Especially for the 3rd prompt. Nothing WAY too scary! Also, deadline 1st week of October. I forgot this in the original! So sorry!
Hashtag it with #sparkingcreativity and tag me in the comments so I can read it!
Anyways, have fun!

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  • Charisse Marison

    Yeah sorry! I meant 1st week of NOVEMBER. My bad :/

    6 months ago
  • Crow

    Is the "deadline 1st week of October" a typo? I see that you published this after the first week of October so...

    6 months ago
  • amohn04

    Here's my entry for prompt #1!

    6 months ago