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Where Is Your Thoughtful Spot?

By: Charisse Marison


So, i don't know if I'm the only person who has this, but I have a place to just escape from reality. a place where I can think, sing, and just enjoy life! For me, it's out in my backyard. I love hearing the birds chirps and seeing planes soaring overhead. Being outside really helps me relax. So, in the comments, please answer this question: where is your "thoughtful spot" and why do you go there? I thought this would just be a fun idea, so enjoy!

Message to Readers

I just really want to know :)

Peer Review

I love how you have just published this, to have it as a free piece, where people can collaborate!

Just a tip. on the highlighted part, you made me think at the start of the sentence there would be many reasons but there's only one. Maybe just fix this up :)

Reviewer Comments

Thank you for writing this piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing it! I hope you find my feedback useful, but do remember its only my opinion, some parts of where I believe could be improved, you may disagree with it and that’s totally fine!