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October 11, 2019


Logan Wilkes

    One day, the legend Thanos was born and he took the massive dub considering that he has all infinity stones and the Egyptian god cards. His childhood was ruthless and breathtaking from others considering his intellectual context of the interdimensional mass battles that he has been in. After the avengers got their fat Loss Goose was ready for war. Thanos was trying to rest in his own grape farm and had a sense coming right to him... BREAD. Goose was ready to ambush the big ultimate grape man and has taken the bread as bait and Goose had thousands of big brain IQ with his ultimate move geese swarm. Thanos was the only one at the farm and Goose has kidnapped Thanos as Goose prepared war with trying to kill Thanos. Thanos was thinking so fast that his time stone was used in the process and then did not go for the bait. Goose had no idea that Thanos was going to beat the poor little animal with the stone belt. Thanos did not care since the Goose tried to kill one of the strongest beings in the universe and had no regret strangling Goose.

    All of the innocent people on earth had been swarmed by GEESE ARMY 420 SQUAD and are being pecked and the military is actually shooting the geese with their consent. Thousands or even MILLIONS OF geese are hindering the lives of the human race and are not being taken seriously and are being harmed for entertainment purposes. Thanos says in a mad toned voice, ¨THESE STUPID GEESE WILL PAY WITH THEIR SOULS WITH THE MIGHTY POWER OF THE SNAP!!!!!¨ As Thanos snaps, Goose was one of the survivors of all geese kind of the whole universe. Goose was ruthless and destroyed the rest of his GEESE ARMY 420 SQUAD with the power of his naruto dividing move set. Thanos and Goose went into light speed and started clapping each other´s cheeks and started to jab-cross each other in the face and stomach. Goose said afterward, ¨THEY DID SURGERY ON A GRAPE.¨  and Thanos was blasted away thousands of miles from his home planet.

    Thanos woke up with a headache and was very confused about what just happened and he took some time to remember that Goose blasted him away from his own planet onto a different one. Goose was the only victor of the planet and Thanos does not know that Goose destroyed his home planet. Thanos took about 2 days to get back to his planet because his gauntlet broke when he snapped half of the geese army. Thanos was in anger and his morale has been boosted so hard that he now got 2 gauntlets with 12 infinity stones when he saw his own farm and planet in pieces. Thanos went back to earth and saw Goose with his half-destroyed army as Thanos was about to use both of his gauntlets, Goose turned around and used the goose force to hold Thanos in place. Thanos was bursting out of Goose´s control and smashed Goose´s head against the ground about 100 times and was glad that every smash hit the concrete ground. Goose was wounded so badly that he can barely get back up, Thanos destroyed all of New York and was furious at Goose. Thanos used both of his gauntlets to destroy Goose and his gauntlets did not break this time. Thanos stood there in the middle of New York, crying in grief and sadness as he watches the buildings of New York get destroyed by fire.

                                                                                                THE END


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