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October 31, 2019


                                                            As you throw crumb by crumb of bread towards the ducks in the pond you hear rustling in the bush besides you. Honk, the sudden sound scares the life out of you, luckily its just a duck you say to yourself. Then the duck reveals itself out of the bushes, the only problem is it isn't a duck its a goose. and the worst part is the goose has a knife. The goose yells at you and you back away slowly to try not to tempt the goose, but the goose didn't hesitate to try and get a free stab on you. As the goose tries to get another stab on you, you lunge towards the goose in hopes of stealing the knife, but the goose pulls out a gun. As you are being held at gun point the goose slowly walks toward you nodding, You try to bribe the goose by throwing the loaf of bread reaming from feeding the ducks, the goose shakes his head and keeps walking toward you. Out of desperation you throw your wallet hoping the goose came for money, the goose didn't react only keeps walking, closer, and closer, "Gotcha," shouts some one grabbing the goose, you look over and see a animal control worker, the goose struggles to escape the mans grasp. "Finally after two weeks i got you, you little troublemaker," says animal control as he brings the goose to his truck. As the goose tries to escape the truck it thinks to itself "does this mere mortal think that he of all beings can contain me in this strange, shiny house." In the front of the truck all the man hears is several honks or confusion, but little to his knowledge the goose has a plan to escape his strange captor.


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