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How to write all of me in less than 10 seconds?

Hmm, let me think... how about DREAMER?

Yup. That works.

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"Stay faithful to the stories in your head."
- Paula Hawkins

Calling All Curiosities: ANSWERS!!

October 24, 2019


Hello writers!

For all you curious, asking-questions, being-awesome people, here are the answers just for you! Hope you are satisfied with my person, and if you are not, well... at least you now know just how weird I can be! Thanks :)


How come your name is AJ-Izzy? What's the meaning? :)
Thanks for asking! My name is actually Izzy (nickname) and AJ is the initials of the first character I ever wrote about. It was mostly a mix of a fandom, and the main character was Alex Jackson (hear hear, PJO fans). I did change the name later for the story, but AJ stuck with me :)


Could you elaborate on your bio and username?
My username I explained above, and my bio says that I'm a dreamer. What I mean by that is that there are way too many things that I want to be, goals I want to accomplish, my best passions, and dreams I want to reach to list them off. Dreamer seemed like the right word for it all. 

Do you believe that there are people who like you without any selfishness?
I don't believe that anyone is absolutely perfect and without flaws, but people can be kind and, in the context of friends, hang out with you just because you're you. 


Why do you enjoy writing? What about it helps you?
For me, it's really just a way to get words and ideas on paper, at least those that I can't say out loud. It's also nice to create a world where you can escape into, a world that you can say is actually yours. 

Are you ever scared of commitment?
YES. Way too often! I'm mostly scared that I won't be able to keep the commitment, which is why commitment in most things scares me. 

What is the strangest "Shower thought" you've ever had?
I don't really know, my loud, obnoxious voice drowns out pretty much everything.
Buildings... don't make earth heavier... aw man, I am never going to stop thinking about that now :D


What's your favourite genre in books and what book is your all time favourite?
I have too many, but the best are probably fantasy, historical fiction, short stories, some poetry, and of course YA fiction. My favourite book... how dare you?! Okay, I'm gonna go with "Departure" by AG Riddle and I must mention the ONE non-fiction book I absolutely love... "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth" by Chris Hadfield


Which part of Canada are you from?
Hello fellow Canadian! Bottom left on the map of Canada in the mainland :)


Are you a potato?

Maryam Q

How do you repost a piece without losing the comments and stars?
You press "Manage Version" at the top of your published piece, then you click "Options" for the published piece, and press "Unpublish this Piece". Finally, you click on "Options" again and click "Publish for Peer Reviews". It will take you to the part where you write a side note and where you can watch a video, then you press "Publish" and bada-bing, bada-boom! Tadaaa!!!! One published piece with all your great likes and comments :DD

What kind of movies do you like watching?
LOTS, any action movie (recents: Timetrap, Marvel, Contagion, Inception, Star Wars, The Matrix, etc) and also some TV shows (like Stranger Things, Sherlock, Merlin, Timeless, Brooklyn 99, and... Galavant?) and of course occasional super cheesy cartoon Disney or Pixar movies and Paw Patrol. 

What are some books everyone should read?
- Percy Jackson and the Olympians
- Heroes of Olympus
- Trials of Apollo
- Magnus Chase
- The Kane Chronicles

Basically, any book by Rick Riordan :)

Do you have any pets/siblings?
Pets, no. Siblings, too many. 

Do you like Canada? What's it like?
Canada's alright, at least we don't live in igloos or have pet polar bears (though that would be awesome). Politics are messed up, as usual, but it is very forest-filled where I am, which I absolutely love. 

Favourite pizza topping?


What got you into writing?
Same as everyone... I had to write an 8th grade speech on my passion, I wrote a speech on how I loved to daydream, but it somehow turned around to writing, and then I just kept going. I did not like to write before that speech; life is funny that way. 

K. Marie Christen 
(I only answered a few, the others were probably already answered)

What's your favourite colour?
Fire red, pitch black, ocean blue 

Who's your favourite book character?
Leo Valdez, bad boy supreme!

What element do you feel the strongest in you?
Water or Fire... have yet to decide :)

What is one piece on Write the World that you think deserves a shout-out?
39 Important Questions; It's well thought through and creative! *wink*

What is you favourite food?
Tacos, Mexican Food, Tacos, and Tacos

If you were a colour, which would you be?
Black, like my soul... nah, maybe yellow? Annoying, bright, and hella hot ;D
Nah, I would definitely be lake blue cuz I'm so smooth ;D

What book character best represents you?
The one that I'm currently writing about... no one knows her like I do :)

What do you want to do when you get older?
Get my Pilot's License, maybe join the Air Force or be a test pilot (not a commercial pilot... that's not really my type), study engineering or math or aeronautics, then apply to the CSA-ASC. 

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?
Houston, Rome, New York, or Greece

What's your favourite animal?

What's your favourite snack food?
Fishy Crackers. I know, I'm still a child inside, but they are really good! 

What's your spirit animal?
According to Harry Potter, a goose. 

What languages do you speak?
English, Spanish, and a tiny bit of French

What is your most important belief?
Every life has value. 

Are you a panster or a planner?
A little bit of both, actually. 

What is your greatest fear?
Not darkness, but quiet/empty darkness (if that makes sense). 

What is your favourite word that rhymes with peanut?
Doughnut :)

Which god or goddess do you think best reflects your personality?
Athena and Artemis, with a touch of Hecate. 

AJ - Izzy

Any last minute questions?
Nope, I think I'm good :)
Thanks to everyone who asked questions, I hope I have satisfied your curiosity! If anyone has follow-up questions, or anything you or I forgot to mention, please ask. 
Special prize... a peer review of your choice to the person that can guess what the image is... It's in the nickname ;)

Thanks again!


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  • Maryam Q

    Thanks for the answers! I just watched Inception and I love it, too!

    11 months ago
  • Samina

    Hey answers are available

    11 months ago
  • WitchyKittyKat

    @AJ - Izzy
    thanks!! Wait, is it the first one they got a photograph of? Will you tell me the answer in the review, I'm curious! I don't really care what piece you choose to review, I'd just to prefer it to be a less popular one. Thanks again :)

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  • AJ - Izzy

    @and-peggy, I will give you that one because it’s so close! There can be one more... it’s the first black hole the scientists ______. Not exactly discovered. Congrats on the review though!

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  • WitchyKittyKat

    I figured out the "it's in the nickname" part, but it's so hard to tell what it is!!! Is it the first black hole scientists discovered?

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  • AJ - Izzy

    @ajamwal, I have read KOLC, Keefe Sencen is absolutely amazing!!! Mirror image of Leo :)
    @BurningMidnightOil, not quite the image I meant, but good guess! The hint is "it's in the nickname"... think about it.

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    Do you mean image as in your profile photo? If so, my guess is that the person is you in Canada.

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    you would love Keefe Sencen, have you read keeper of the lost cities?

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