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October 10, 2019


Yellow is my favorite color.

Laura likes black, Liv likes green, Austin likes red, and Ali likes many colors. 

Foosh likes "Dark lime beige purple with a hint of yellow, a drop of black, three green sprinkles and a side of glitter."

I like yellow.

Yellow is the color of sparkling sunshine. Yellow is the color of happy flowers blooming despite the rain. Yellow is the color of my favorite jacket with giant pockets and a cozy hood.

Yellow is the word you say when you answer the phone. Yellow is the color of a few of my folders for school. Yellow is the color of the rubber ducks that I brought in my backpack and laughed at with my friends. Yellow is the color of the walls in my living room from when I can barely remember.

That's not why I like yellow.

I like yellow because nobody else likes yellow.

Yellow is the color of vomit. Yellow is the color that doesn't show up on white paper. Yellow is the color of obnoxiously bright highlighters that soak through pages and make a mess of everything. Yellow is the color of unpleasant snow.

Nobody likes yellow.

Actually, that's a lie. I googled it, and 5% of people say that their favorite color is yellow. Statistically, yellow is the color that nobody loves.

My favorite color is yellow.

I like the way yellow is soft. Like sunshine in the fall. Yellow is the color you don't see. Yellow is the color that nobody loves. I love yellow. I like to think that yellow loves me too.


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  • hi i'm jackson ;)

    YELLOW IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I could ramble ON and ON about my favorite examples of yellow but we would BE HERE for TOO LONG!!!! Yellow is so prettY!!!! You know, when I was thinking about your aura color, I really couldn't decide between bright pure blue or shiny rich yellow.

    almost 2 years ago
  • onethousandburningeyes


    almost 2 years ago
  • Deleted User

    I wrote a review, great job!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Deleted User

    This is an absolute beautiful piece!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Kepler

    YELLOW is the best color!!! Thank you for your agreement. You should have seen the sunset at my house tonight... It was beautiful... the way the orange of the sky hit the water and the blue and orange overlapped... it really was amazing. (UwU)

    almost 2 years ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    i'm a super easy cryer, and i almost cried at that last sentence;)
    i like yellow, it is good for gradients in sunsets. yellow is actually the core colour of a sunset. *fun fact*
    sunsets are my favourite things on earth.
    alongside many other things.

    anyways, i think this is beautiful. i admire your love for yellow UwU

    almost 2 years ago