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Starvation In Haiti

May 6, 2016

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Blake O’Connor
Mrs. Cole
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6 May 2016

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere; some say the poorest in the world.”
This is a quote by Helen Fisher, a professor at Rutgers University, anthropologist, and human behavior researcher. She is describing how poor Haiti is, and because of this, how they are starving too. This has been happening for the better half of a century with the end not yet in sight. The United States, as well as many other countries, are helping because of the starvation throughout this country, and them not being able to help themselves. There was not only one factor that led Haiti to this devastating state though, and there is a solution to stop the starvation too. Haiti was led to starvation through food shortage, earthquakes, and poverty, all consistently happening in the country. A solution is to buy them the necessities like food, water, and clothes, but buy it through the suppliers in Haiti.
    The three major factors that led Haiti to starvation was food shortage, earthquakes, and poverty. Food shortage is one of the major factors because there is not enough food for everyone, but also that in the food there is, most people can not afford it. This all contributes to starvation. In an article written by Aiyiti Kale Je on facts about Haiti, she explains how bad starvation is, “Officials continue to say that in 2013, twice as many Haitians as last year-some 1.5 million people-continue to face ‘severe’ or ‘acute food insecurity’ and that many millions more are considered food insecure”(Kale Je). Haitians do not have enough food and are starving. This is continuing to grow more and more and there has not yet been a solution that would fix this long term problem. With starvation growing so rapidly, there needs to be a solution found soon before it is too late. Although this was a major contributing factor to starvation in Haiti, earthquakes caused the problem just as much. Earthquakes have plagued Haiti for decades and destroys everything there. Every time one strikes, it destroys the economy and makes it near impossible for anyone to buy or obtain any food. Jacob Kushner explains in one of his articles on how badly Haiti is starving, “The idea that the delivery of American food aids sees and overhaul goes almost without question here in the capital of a nation still recovering from the devastating earthquake of four years ago”(Kushner). Because of earthquakes, Haitians are not able to obtain enough food and are starving. This is a major factor as to why Haiti is starving because earthquakes often occur in Haiti and make everyone start all over again. With the poor economy earthquakes make, it is hard for anyone to even afford food. There is yet another major factor to why Haiti is starving and that is poverty. Poverty has occurred in Haiti practically since it was formed and has only gotten worse. Because of the horrible poverty, there is a bad economy, which all contributes to starvation. Paul Virgo explains one of the major factors as to why Haiti is starving, “Over 5.3 million people (58 percent of the population) were undernourished in Haiti even before the January 12 earthquake because of extreme poverty”(Virgo). Poverty has been a major factor that led to starvation in Haiti. With the horrible poverty, it is not only hard to find food, but almost no one can not afford it too. Starvation is, and as of now, always will be, a major problem in Haiti unless something else is done.
    The extreme problem occurring in Haiti right now is the starvation of almost every Haitian. Basically everyone in Haiti is being under fed or is starving. There is also a poverty-stricken economy that does not as well allow anyone to have enough money to buy enough food even when it is available. As before, Aiyiti Kale Je further explains how bad starvation in Haiti is, “many reports say hunger in Haiti today is more pervasive than it has been in the last 50 years”(Kale Je). Starvation has been affecting Haiti for a very long time and has no end in sight. Starvation is such a serious problem that is occurring in Haiti that a solution has to be found before it becomes too late. There much being done to help the starvation. One way is giving food and clean water to the people in Haiti, but this is not allowing Haiti to rebuild itself, rather just enabling it from working on its own. Jacob Kushner explains how much help Haiti is receiving right now, “Since 1954 the United States has spent more than $100 Billion on Title 2 food aid programs, nearly $1.5 billion of which went to Haiti including at least $200 million following the 2010 earthquake”(Kushner). For over fifty years Haiti has been receiving necessities and aid but has not gotten any better as a country itself. This is bad because they are only relying on help from others rather than fixing it themselves. If this does not stop, it will never be able to work on its own. It is necessary to keep sending the stuff they can not get, but the problem is just keep getting made worse this way.
    Haiti has been receiving aid for decades with no permanent solution, but if the necessities were bought from suppliers in Haiti, that could change. Generally, the United States and many other countries have been sending food and water form their own countries to Haiti and the money spent goes back into their own economy. A solution that would eventually fix the problem permanently would be that Haiti gets the goods that it needs but as well somehow boosts their economy too. Jacob Kushner explains what could be done to permanently stop starvation, “Agency officials believe they could feed 2 to 4 million more people per year if they were allowed to spend more of their budget on procuring food aid locally in the countries where it is needed”(Kushner). This is showing how the solution that has been being used for over half a decade is not the best solution. This new solution would help stop the starvation and boost the economy greatly which would help the country as a whole and help stop the major problems like starvation. Based off of the problems with the different existing solutions, a better solution would be to buy them the stuff they need, but acquire it locally from people in Haiti so the money goes back into the economy too. As earlier, Jacob Kushner explains again why the existing solution is not the best, “... food aid actually ends up ruining some of the world’s most vulnerable people in developing nations like Haiti, where local farmer can’t compete against less expensive U.S. crops”(Kushner). When the United States and other countries give food to Haiti, it actually makes the economy worse for that country and overall increases starvation because less people are making money and are not able to acquire food. Without even knowing, the aid is just making this problem a long term problem. Therefore, if countries actually bought the necessities from sellers in Haiti, it would help everyone. With this new solution, Haitians could stop starving and start a new, better life.
    Through food shortage, earthquakes, and poverty, all which consistently happen in this country, Haiti was led to starvation. To buy the necessities for people through local sellers in Haiti is a proposed solution. Because of the lack of food, or food shortage, many Haitians starved, as well as earthquakes and poverty causing them to starve even more because there is not available food and they are not able to afford it. Starvation has been happening around the country for over half a decade because of many factors. There has been only one solution tried for this and it has not worked, yet everyone keeps using it and Haitians therefore continue to starve. With the fact that almost all people are starving and cannot acquire food, and with the help not solving the problem, this looks like a long term problem, until there is a new solution. With the starvation in haiti continuing, hopefully we can stop starvation before it is too late.

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