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Writer. Reader. Sports Girl. Fangirl.

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Hi, I'm Katie.
I'm 16 years old and a 110% fangirl. I'm also a sports girl doing football, netball, rounders etc. every week.
The job I will pursue, once I leave school, is a car engineer; however I dream to become an Author. I'll always write, I'll never stop writing. It's my dream to publish.


May 6, 2016

PROMPT: [Insert Age]

Parents talk about being 14 again, they tell us the memories they had. How much simpler life must have been when they were 14.
Family talk about what they did at age 14, whether it was hiding in Air Raid shelters or going to school. What stories do I have to tell?
Teachers talk about how being 14 is the most important age at the minute, choosing our GCSE's - that will determine our future. How are we suppose to know what we want to do?

I talk about being 14 and I think of my life, my family I love. The family I've lost. The friends I've lost.
I think about being 14 and I think about my family, they are all having moments in their lives that they are struggling with. How can I help them?
I talk about being 14 and I think that I'm different from others. I know I'm different from others. I'm scared to tell others about my differences. How are they suppose to know I'm different if I don't speak about it?
I talk about being 14 and I think of those guys I use to love. I never truly loved them. How was I suppose to know that at such a young age?
I think about being 14 and I think that I'm in love. He's amazing, he tries to understand me. He tries to accept me. One day will all this be a lie?

When my children are 14, I want to tell them about the good memories I've had. Will there be any to talk about?


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