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May 6, 2016


You were my air.
I breathed in every word you said.
Exhaled every doubt you took away.
You were the beat of my heart.
Steady, almost always a consistency in my life.
You rarely weren’t there when you needed to be.
You were the little noises in an empty house.
You spoke softly, carefully, but often.
Though not I did not know the full story of your origin,
you helped make the silence bearable.
You were the moon.
A soft, steady light that may have changed every now and then,
but you helped light a path in the dark.
You were my eyes.
Always looking, searching for danger to keep me from.
You showed me the way; you let me see it.
You were my antidote.
The only thing that could save me.
You made the pain slip away, slowly.
You were the brief peace in the midst of a storm.
Lovely and hopeful,
But it was your guard to help hide the anger.
You were wind.
Cool or warm, soft or harsh.
You were whatever you needed to be.
You were my gravity.
You kept me down on Earth.
You didn’t let me drift away,
no matter how much I fought to.
You were my water.
You helped make about 65% to 70% of me.
You helped cool me down when I became hot-headed.
You were a rose.
You hurt me a few times, but only to protect yourself.
You grew with a beautiful fierceness I learned to respect.
You are my Achilles.
My secret I can't keep.
My downfall. My ultimate weakness.


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