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October 19, 2019


    Before I know it, the tiny white digits on my computer screen glare “1:30 AM” at me. I try to drag myself away from my seat but something chains me down, no matter how hard I struggle. 
    It must be something about the narrator that keeps me so spellbound. The narrator's words, simple lines in a sans-serif font, command me as I direct my tiny character across the screen. The nameless, bodiless narrator seems to encompass something or even someone, someone sweet and dear and smiling at me from somewhere far away… 
    Or maybe it’s just my imagination. Maybe it even sounds a bit like --
    No, forget about him, forget about him, forget, forget, forget.
    “What's wrong with you? You're disgusting,” the narrator lashes out. Mere moments later, it praises me with sweetness in its soundless voice, “I love you, I've always loved you; don't ever leave me.” As I watch the words flutter across the screen, an unbearable sensation of deja vu seeps into my mind.
    I try to ignore it. I try so desperately to crush it into dust and sweep it away into some dark void of forgetting, but it resists. It clings to me, this feeling of sickening nostalgia; it leaves a name lingering on my lips and his voice resounding in my mind. Oh, my dear narrator, when you're the only thing left that I can hold on to, will I be able to let go? My nameless, bodiless, soulless narrator, even if it isn’t really me whom you love, you’ll stay with me even when real humans don’t, won’t you? 
    Tell me, please, am I loved?
heavily inspired by the game Loved by Alexander Ocias!


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  • The Idiotic Philosopher

    This is a really good piece, and it shows what humans are constantly searching for. It's sad, but that's what makes it an amazing piece of writing. Keep writing stuff like this! :D

    11 months ago