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haw yee

the treemaster's treat #experience

October 9, 2019



follow me, the treemaster murmurs, 
voice smooth like the rivers that flow
underneath the roots of the redwoods,
and you'll find a treat greater than any
of those that your grandmother could 
bake for you with the gift of the flamemaster.

careful of the roots, the treemaster warns,
my children long for the touch of your people,
but their gentle touches have left them to
break your brittle bones as they once did
the branches and beginnings of my saplings.

the trees seem to follow me in wonder
as i delve deeper into the unknown forest
that the village chiefs warned me not to
venture into. your adventurous spirit
will cave if you follow that monster
into the maze of death created by the hands
of the treemaster.

his eyes as cold as the winter, breath that
freezes over the warmest of waters, and a touch
that burns you from the inside out, and as you
beg for forgiveness for the wrongs you never
committed, the roots wrap around your hands
like rope, digging into your flesh and breaking
the soft skin as you are shackled to the will
of the treemaster.

but his hands are soft and smooth like flower
petals, and as he hums, a gentle, yet rough tune
because no man is perfect, and his voice cracks
and wavers as he pulls me close and starts to dance,
egging me into a waltz as the leaves sway with
the wind, a beautiful orchestra that the 
"monster" in front of me follows, his ice cold
eyes closed and a gentle smile on his lips, and
i wonder

(the trees are dead, swaying in the wind
are the many skeletons of the village ancestors
their bones clacking together in a terrific rhythm
and their spirits watch on as another one of their
adventurous children fall into the web of the 
treemaster, their life force willed to aid the
earth that his children feast on forevermore.

what could ever make a soft, sweet man like this
a monster?


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