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I love to read and write extensively. I know I am not a perfect writer but I will give my best and succeed.
My dream is to be a published author.

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May 6, 2016

PROMPT: Local Tongue

I am elated to say that Singlish is now one of my favorite slang to speak in. But before that I have a confession to make, once a Upon a time, I disliked speaking in Singlish so much. why? I do not know maybe because it is not useful when we are writing essays or speaking to people from all over the world. I also found that singlish was not a cool slang to speak and should not be spoken. Call me nuts. I even forced my sisters and close friends to stop speaking in Singlish and Speak in proper English. Also,they often get vexed  by me when I say "Stop speaking in Singlish" or "Hello,English please." But over the years, I learnt that the older generation in Singapore is very comfortable in speaking Singlish and they simply love it. They love to use phrases like "Confirm plus chop" ,"Eat already a not" and "Oi I hungry lah come faster". But now, I find Singlish an amusing slang to speak. Like when people say " that guy no brain" or " confirm plus chop he lying." To be honest, after thinking through and seeing so many people in Singapore and even from other countries saying that they find Singlish a cool, unique and an interesting slang to speak in and I find that's true. For all I know is that Singlish is part of Singapore's culture and no one can change that. So all I can say is "Come lah lets have fun."


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