Kyla Chan

Hong Kong

Since young, words have been an absolute mystery to me. A mystery that I want to solve. Its amazing how we can create completely new worlds with just 26 letters


May 10, 2016

    She was a girl. Simple, yet complicated. With a name as boring as Mary, She often liked to daydream about what could have been and what should have been. She was not a spoilt girl, at least thats what she liked to think. So did her parents. But anyone you'd ask would simply describe her as any other girl, who would be, at her age , as self obsessed as she. However, there was an image she liked to maintain. One that allowed her to become the most successful girl in her high school. Romantically, Intellectually and Popularity. She called this plan, R.I.P, stating that she would rip anyone that stood in her way apart. I mean she did have a nice side to her right? Well sure, when she wasn't plotting the destruction of yet another person who she couldn't stand, could substantially ruin her reputation or simply would not give in to Mary. 

   Romance. Ahhh.. the sweetest thing isn't it, to see innocent young love everywhere. This was not the case for Mary's love life. You could say that she was the IT girl back at school and had broken the heart of every single boy toy in school. Even the losers. Well, except her current boy toy, by the name of..... what's his name again? Wait.. was it Gabriel? No wait it was Nathan. Yes Nathan, her current "boyfriend" or "darling" as she would call him. He was the hottest boy at school right now, after puberty hit him like a truck and sent him along his way to the star quarterback of the school team. Well, everyone knew that once another hotter boy came along, Mary would ditch her "darling honey" and lay the traps for the new It boy. And everyone would be betting on how long this new guy would last. It's kind of sad really, seeing all these naive boys fall under the spell of the crystal blue eyes of the one and only Mary Julianne. And thats just the beginning. 

     Intellectual ability. Yea, Mary had that. And she was quite the brilliant mastermind if I do say so myself. But, well one would say that she didn't exactly put all that ability to good use did she? Considering that I'm here, telling you about her right? Now, you might ask, who are you exactly? And I would simply reply that I was nobody that would concern you. But you see, I would be lying to you. What I can tell you is that, I once made the foolish decision to stand in the way of yours truly, Mary Julianne Maybell. Well, here I am. And you're next. 


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