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Nerf Guns #songofmysoul

October 8, 2019


My innocence was as fragile as glass and soon slipped from my fingers shattering, making it so it only lasted the equivalent of a flies' lifespan. Kinda funny how that works.
I don't blame Mom at all even though she married a man she doesn't love at all, just I never point a finger at Daddy for being with a woman he doesn't believe matters. 
Whenever I wasn't holed up inside, I ran around the yard and climbed the trees of the forest. They were my home. Though, that home lasted in only the day. Cause at night, I'd hide in the closest.
Most of my life as an eight-year-old I hid in my little closest, in the back of my room, where I use to play hide and seek. So many nights spent in this closest, that it's the closest thing to a home I had in the house. Cause this house ain't my home. Mommy and Daddy taught me that.
Grubby hands would clasp the golden locket around my neck, even I knew it was chained together in lies and filled with broken promises. Grandma said it'd give me hope, yet all it ever gave me was scratches and scars from when I squeezed it too tight. And then blood would trickle down my hand, mix with my tears, and form a little pool.
God can't hear me no more, was my constant thought, as I trembled and whispered my tiny little prayers.
Sometimes the day before, I didn't put away my toys, so my nerf gun would lay on the floor. If Mom and Dad had words like a nerf gun, all pretend and could be simply shot gone, perhaps I'd go to bed easy.
When we did play together, Daddy waved a white flag when I won. I just wish Mom and Dad waved their flags so they both could've won.
I learned a lot from Mommy and Daddy yelling, like their names weren't Mommy or Daddy and that Mommy wanted to run away. I learned Daddy knew words in a different language and they both did things they didn't mean to.

Years later, when I told my friend, she said they slammed my innocence with a brick. That it wasn't my fault.
But she lied.
Mommy and Daddy never wanted a baby girl in the first place. 
I was what rolled the ball.
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