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This is an idea I came up with today... If you like it, let me know and I'll continue to write more! Thanks!


May 5, 2016


Once, there was nothing.

Then, was a spark.

A teeny, tiny, dim spark.

But within that spark,

Was a universe.



Elemental beings.

Elemental beings,

People who control fire, wind, nature, earth, water, electricity...

Fighting for their lives within that teeny,



"Crap. Um, hey, help. Help. Uh... Where is Aquarius...?" A short redhead girl bit her lip as she stared at the flames growing on the dry grass. She sighed and ran into the quiet cabin, yelling for her friends. A few seconds later, another girl with steely grey eyes and light purple billowing hair walked into the clearing with a blonde, light blue eyed guy.
"Rius, looks like Iggy created a job for ya!" She giggled, and as she did so, her hair spiked up with static, which she frantically tried to suppress. Rius just laughed quietly and flooded the fire with clear water. He sighed and leaned against the wall as the girl began to flood his ears with conversation.
"Rius! There you, um are! I see that... Ah... Yeah." The little redhead stuttered, her light, tan eyes fluttering shut as she sighed.
"Didn't I just tell you to not play with your powers when I'm gone Iggs?" He laughed again and shook his head at her. At the age of 10, Iggy was the youngest of the elementals, who were immortal beings. "You've got time to experiment." Iggy just shrugged and ran back into the cabin where they all lived. She poked her head back out a moment later and yelled to the couple.
"Hey... Eddie seems to be not doing too well by the way." She squeaked and then ran back inside.
"Poor Eddie."
"You think he's sick?"
"Nah. I think he is just worried Etra. Don't worry. He'll bounce back." Rius shrugged and looked off into the distance.
"Do you see that?" Etra said quietly as a cloud of shimmering, green smoke rose into the sky beyond all the trees that surrounded the cabin.
"Yeah. Could it..." 
"Yes. I think it's our new Life Elemental."


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