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Howdy! I am a klutzy sophomore who laughs at herself! ;) I am a country girl at heart, and love writing, reading, drawing, being outside, being with little kids, and animals. My goal is to one day publish a book, and do something great!

Message to Readers

This is really dark, I know, but what do you think?

Weight of the Past

May 11, 2016

The voices grew louder as I sat alone in the dark, empty cabin. I screamed trying to drown out the noise of their incessant whispering, and their constant blame.It's all your fault,they whispered as I pulled at my hair.You could've prevented it, but you were too late,they derided as I fell on my knees to the wooden floor stained with blood.
Images filled my head. Images of the warning note I know held crumpled in my fist. Images of their lifeless bodies laying in pools of blood, and the murderer getting away. Images of chasing him for twenty minutes before being forced to stop by utter exhaustion and grief. Images of returning to the house and holding them close, tears falling on their cold faces.
You didn't do enough. They could've been saved.
I curled up in a ball on the floor, my body convulsing with my grief stricken sobs. I looked at the note that was balled up in my fist and the necklace that my fiance had been wearing when she died. The gold chain was stained with her blood, and even the picture inside the locket had been damaged. The note was almost unreadable among the many folds and creases it had endured over the last month. Three words were printed on it.
I am coming...
I hated myself for not paying attention to the note, the moment it hit my desk. I couldn't live with the fact that it could've been prevented if I had payed attention. I cursed my name, and wished that I would have a heart attack and die right now.
A car pulled up outside, and my crying eased a little. A moment later my best friend was on the floor next to me, offering words of encouragement, but I couldn't be consoled.
"It was all my fault," I shouted. He sat there at a loss of what to say. I stared at him, seeing the pain and worry in his eyes. "I caused this," I said, my volume much less than before.
"You didn't cause this. What he did wasn't your fault."
"I got a note from him, and I rushed over there. It was too late, but I chased after him anyway, and he got away. I let him get away. If only I would've payed attention. I could've made it in time."
"Or you'd be dead right now, along with them."
"I'd rather be dead than live with all this grief, all this guilt, all this horror."
He sighed. Instead of saying something he just sat there with me, listening to me cry. Although he didn't say anything, his presence calmed me immensely. An hour later my sobs turned to dry raspy breaths, and soon they were nonexistent. I laid there silently listening to my breathing, and just enjoying having someone still here. The only one of my friends or family, and he was right here next to me. The weight of the past seemed much lighter with someone there to share the load with you.

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  • Gail -u-

    I wonder if this person who came after is the killer 0v0
    There isn't much about the feelings and emotions of the character. It could better if you added that 0u0
    I think your writing is pretty okay overall -u-

    over 2 years ago