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I post semi-frequently depending on when I get inspiration. I like to include a lot of imagery and sensory detail, so be prepared for that if you give my stuff a read. :P

What They Carried Into The Blue

May 7, 2016

Everyone climbed their own mountains. Alone and nearly crushed by the weight of the things on their back, each person only aware of their steps as they placed one foot in front of the other. Rocks dug into their heels and the wind cut into their skin. They could only stare at the ground as they strained into the uphill climb. 
They carried the sins of their fathers; it stained their clothing and clung to their body. 
They carried their names; words and collections of letters that barely held any meaning anymore. All that mattered was to reach the top, for the pain to end. 
They carried everything that had been important to them; people, objects, ideals, all of it. Family, friends, a favorite dress, a chest full of diamonds and gold, all of it added to the weight. 
They carried the weight of unfinished business and regret; voices rang out in despair. Memories played before their eyes over and over again. Their vision became foggy and everything shook as tears mixed with sweat dripping down their cheeks. Some called out old names, others whispered apologies over and over again under their breath. 
They carried the souls of all the people in their life that they had wronged; whispers slithered into their ear and coiled there, listing the crimes of their host. Crimes they could no longer remember or forget.
They carried their memories; the good and the bad all together.
They carried their youth and old age all together on their back. They carried their entire lives. With each step the burden grew more unbearable. Sweat collected on the backs of their necks and their entire frame shook with exhaustion. Their breath came quick and heavy. 

When they reached the top, the burden would be lifted. They had been promised; when they finished the excruciatingly difficult uphill climb, there would be peace and rest at last. 


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