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"people often reveal their true colours when they are held accountable for their actions; there are those who want to make amends and improve their behaviour and those who don't."
- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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it's always a pleasure finding pieces, reading them, and just knowing "other people need to read this."

hopefully i've done my job.

october 2019 wtw highlights

November 13, 2019


this month has been a little difficult in regards to collating the monthly lists i decided to make; there were technical issues which caused its compilation and subsequent release to be delayed, but to everyone who's reading this, i'm glad you're seeing it. these highlights only matter because people like you read them and support your fellow writers. anyway, i'm getting too soppy; onto the writing!

_blue's the peculiar case of lily harthollow
I hate how, when the sunlight hits you just right, your body glows in a seemingly otherworldly light, and it makes you look like a goddess.

rainandsonder's "i thought it less like a lake and more like a moat"
autumn smells like minty toothpaste and 
far-off forest fires, smoked sunrises and 
popcorn between your teeth...

rainandsonder's and his notes so blue they shatter the sky and the sea
i am sure this it. this is when i crawl out of my body like the undead out of their graves and stutter toward the indigo oblivion. this is when i crack the melody above my head and close my eyes as it leaks into my mouth. but when i look up, the city's mouth is still sticky with sleep, eyes puckered and tumbleweed plastic bags cartwheeling through its streets.

surly wombat's 0.0354166667 (three kids watch the end of the universe)
we three are sitting on the bed in astrid's room, while the sky falls outside. she's looking up at her ceiling with its glow-in-the-dark sticker stars & crying.

marsan's my name.
My name doesn't even belong to me.
It came from five ports, and was born on an autumn morning.
Its owners are luck, the dust of the road and all silences.
But as long as I can use it, I'll wear it in silver earrings.

marsan's the eddie finch paradox
In those moments he was the orchestra, and Leonard Bernstein raising the baton. He was the original sin, as well as the disgraced soul who in the process of biting an apple, created the first fuck-up in history. Both art and artist, and the irony born from trying to separate them. Exclamation point, neon light, little town revolutionary.

taking a short break from individual pieces to promo marsan's brilliant series called Nine Abadón. they are linked below, like all the rest.
1. be careful.
Three hundred and forty tragedies have occurred since the street was born.

2. fatima
In a tiny apartment of the city center, a woman observes her watch. It strikes midnight. She doesn't know what day it is, but really, that's none of her business anymore. She's dead anyway.

3. landon et debussy.
But this time, even the cicadas were immersed in a vow of silence, holding their breaths as he stumbled around.  

4. the herbalist
The cobblestones were tranquil now, relishing on the feeling of having a new skin. That didn’t mean that she didn’t lament Fatima’s departure. On the contrary, a candle was reserved for her, next to the marigolds.

5. dr eustaquio
Each and every morning a cup of coffee was perched on the French desk, expecting a fate of being forgotten at best. At worst, it ended up spilled over poems written in Latin. 
    this short series (with more to come) has been severely underrated; do yourself a favour and read it!

(we now return to our regularly scheduled programming.)

r|a|i|n's and lies will tarnish the blood of the innocent until my veins are ruby-red once more.
I was lost in metaphor, Therapist told me constantly, but the phrase itself was metaphor.

r|a|i|n's the global cold
...i miss the leaves;
i mourn for snowed stains, muddy underworlds,
festered bark.

araw's clicker
Its steps are slow, methodical, like it knows where I'm hiding but hasn't found a good enough reason to engage yet. I'm worried that if my heart were to beat too fast and too loudly, it'll have a reason.

araw's the kraken
Even as he stared at the indescribably horrendous maw of the beast and its ever-deep dead eyes, he felt as though he was coming home to the sailors he led out onto the seas.

araw's star catchers
They looked as if the newcomers pulled them straight out of the sky, polished to the point of being blinding if the light hit them in just the right way. The other children and I often wondered if these newcomers could to climb to the sky and pull them directly from space.
    araw is one of my best friends and possibly my biggest writing inspiration. she writes like no one else on this site, with her indescribable talent for the feel (or vibe, if you will) of a piece, and incredible subject matter. truly, with so many of her works, i've never seen anything like them - no one who has dealt with this kind of subject matter on or off wtw. so give araw all your likes, all your comments, and a follow. she deserves it.

ghostlyglory's declaration
I want to carry a treasure home in a bike basket. 
I want my arms to be full of bread and honey. I want to close every
space with a well-meaning word. I want to name all the part of a ship.
I want to be an apple tree.

artificialaorta's dogs' eyelashes
It's that night when it starts; Magdalena's three dogs bark, and once they start, they do not stop. The sound is maddening: an ever-drumming ringing mixes with the cold night air and echoes, bouncing against sand and stone.

chiaroscuro's gaps
Once I went to my friend’s house and listened as her mother
spoke Chinese. It was nonsense to me but second-nature to her. 
I was on the other side of the language barrier and I
wondered what it was like across the gap.

jasmine_k's how to survive prom
8. a limo will come to pick you up from prom. you did not order it, the spirits did. get in anyway. they will not try to trick you until you arrive.

jasmine_k's motherhood
you were supposed to fill her empty/
pad her curves with moss/
soothe her stretch marks with ginger oil/
be her tiger balm, be her cure-all/
her skeleton grinds.

agustdv's i think growing up was a mistake
the pendulum wants to stop
and so do the vices cloaked
under an acceptable farce;
we call it rebellion
but we know it is too late
too sad
too little

she's-got-a-story's ​iphone landscapes
he sends me photos of his mountains.

aryelee's it's not love, but it's the closest we've got
stuck in your shadow, i will beg you to speak to me, talk me through it, guide me in reanimation.
no need for a lightning strike;
                                            your fingers trailing down my spine will be enough.

pouringoutthesun's it's the type of burning ache
He exclaims and gold lightning cracks across the sky like a warning, the ground heats up like a reckoning and the planet rings, oh how they spin.

pouringoutthesun's pain's not sweet, it's never tasted like sugar
Clouds pass by and the grass plains flood, the sand stings your eyes and your heart stops beating but not before it shouts and screams at the sky for more time and more memories.

pouringoutthesun's stage stumblers and battle cries
His eyes flash with all the glints of the knife he’s seen in the dark. A revolution tumbles from his lips.

eimphee's lana
'it's something like a poem,' you said
and you didn't bring your camera so you
took the red lipstick from your bag and 
scrawled in perfect loops and soft sweeping letters
the words to catch the picture 
of that ocean

    eimphee's done some truly brilliant work here, and i'm more than happy to add her to the list of wtw's phenomenal writers. 'lana' is a piece that does something for wistfulness; for longing and something so close you don't realise it'll be gone tomorrow, and then for the rest of your life. i don't have the words to say what 'lana' does to me; i only hope you'll read it yourself and feel the same.

weirdo's life is full of stars
never knowing how long until
the final midnight consumes life,
you watch the sun and moon dance. 

    weirdo is nothing but an efficient writer. i mean, look at how many pieces they've written! in a mere nine months, weirdo has made a name for themselves by always giving a kind word in the comments, writing gems like this one, and being active on the wtw discord. (not saying you should join but... ;) here's the link.)

efflorescence's silver, stutter, stars
they stutter from my tongue like skipping stones, worn smooth from the worry that guards my heart like a sleeping serpent. roses choke my lungs, bloodied petals falling from cracked, empty lips.

efflorescence's medusa
but she bursts with life, flowers spilling forth from peach-blushed lips and butterfly lashes. so much life it's blinding, like staring at the sun until sunset blossoms across your vision.
    another well-deserving member of the current peer ambassador team for wtw, efflorescence's effortlessly beautiful turns of phrase stop me in my tracks when i see her work pop up on the dashboard. they're impossible to scroll past, and the fantastic imagery 'medusa' invokes shines through all of her pieces. give her a read!

babybluelamentationsnot for the easily offended
Cut down the steeple;
It’s gold and it blinds me
Sitting there high on its marble pedestal,
            The blood of the angels runs viscous and black down the sides of the white granite doorway

babybluelamentationsunmak(tir)e(d) me
I remember when you dyed your hair mint green and I bought you that ring that wrapped around your middle finger twice, like a silver snake biting its tail.

babybluelamentationswhen i dream at night, there is never a sun in my sky
And then there will be no one who could say whether the world starts back into motion, or if it stays still forever, or if it ceases to exist.

babybluelamentationsnighttime at the empty lot on the corner of our block
We’ll look up to the stars; maybe you’ll take my hand, and we'll imagine what the moon is like.
    how has babybluelamentations not made it onto this list yet? long usernames aside, as short as 'nighttime at the empty lot on the corner of our block' is, it expresses a powerful emotion with some of the most beautiful sensory and auditory imagery i've ever seen. i highly recommend bbl's pieces for a brief respite from a harsh world; they create something otherworldly with their words, a romanticised version of our world, a place we all wish for.

agustdv's on how to say goodbye before your time
i think we take ourselves for granted;
skipping stones at the edge of drowning minds

agustdv's wordlessly
i like to think of her as a calendar. she spins a new tale everyday, and i struggle to breath under the tapestry of lies she weaves. sometimes, i hold her close and sing to her bones, and her lips caress my mistakes. sometimes, this is all we do, all we need.

oscar_locke's onslaught
the hooded eyes
greet me
like gospel singers
the hollow pew
hosting lark, frogmouth

oscar_locke's over the black
the carcass of childhood
sinks beneath the autumn leaves
into earth
like rain

oscar_locke's still life
bus stops and traffic signs
tattooed to my lip

gianna a.'s ophelia ; The Girl
theatre is like ballet, but more poetry  
it’s a descent into madness, all the same  
the white swan falling from purity, 
like a moth 
shot from a flame

    woah! who is gianna a. and where did she come from? and where did she go? it seems like this wonderful poet arrived at the beginning of my unwilling hiatus, threw some poetry at us - amazing poetry that didn't get enough attention - and then disappeared again. don't let the rat pfp fool you, 'ophelia ; The Girl' is a masterpiece of contemporary poetry; go read it!

rainandsonder's september is an ever-closer due date
i crinkle like origami in the face of what must come, whether it's the next sunday or the sunday fifty years later.

maya!'s summerend
In the biting wind and the rippling golden light she closed her eyes, and heard, very far away, the soft sounds of summer fading into a deeply purple sky. 
    if you haven't heard of maya yet, where have you been? when i first joined wtw, maya was one of my favourite writers. in that sentiment, nothing seems to have changed because every once in a while, this wonderful girl drops in to blow our minds with her brilliant work. 'summerend' is no exception to her beautifully simple style; beautiful metaphors that tie it into a poem-like story that practically begs to be read.

ethereal.otherworldly's transgenerational trauma: a theory
WOMAN beholds me with eyes that look like a metaphor i can't imagine right now. WOMAN is god, if god is supposed to taste like ash and give me a burning behind my eyes. WOMAN looks like someone who would make me dizzy if they weren't in my head.
    for more eloquent praise of elisa's abilities, see here. elisa has recently made a comeback to wtw with her amazing style of writing, a short departure from what she used to write, but lacking none of its poise or beauty. elisa's analogies are some of the best on this site, and i have no shame in saying that my writing changed almost completely after i started reading her work. she is one of my biggest inspirations, and i've grown enormously because of her support and even just reading her poems and stories. check out her stuff; i'm sure you can learn something too.

jeily's words for you
you told me to make a wish and i did, i had wished that i could always be as close to you as we were that night, but you were so close, and the cold had flushed your nose and cheeks, and your voice was so soft and gentle that i couldn't speak for a minute and tell you it.


congratulations to all of october's amazing writers! all of these pieces are worth a read, a like, and a comment if you feel so inclined (and you should), and i'd suggest checking out some of the other pieces of mentioned authors as well (rules are rules, i can't accept pieces that didn't come out this month but there are some really good ones that were released a while back). hope this brings a little more recognition to those who deserve it.

on a side note, consider nominating some of your favourite pieces from this list (or your own writing) to writers of the world's october must reads! nominations for october are still open (just for a few days though, get your submissions in quick!), and they do great things for writers (aka giving them actual reviews for spectacular work). they have a much more organised system than i do, and give prizes for the top pieces in each category. go check it out!
as we're terribly close to emerging on the other end of a new decade, i've added years to the titles of these monthly highlights for easier differentiation. if you type "2019" into the search bar, all highlights from 2019 should appear. i hope this makes things a little bit easier as we head into the new year.

to see personal comments about previously mentioned writers, see julyaugust and september highlights.
previous months contain pieces from: and more!


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