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May 5, 2016


  • In the beginning, there are only two concepts within the Universe: Time and Nothingness (Void), embodied by twin sisters, Entia and Evanesca. All of their divine energy is condensed into one infinite point, and the Universe slumbers.
  • Movement of the Universe; Space (Aerios) is crerated from the waking breaths of the Universe, imbued with the energies of Entia and Evanesca. Planets are formed. Aerios brings motion into the Universe; energy and matter expand from one singularity. 
  • More movement: the first star spirit, Aten, emerges over one of the planets, giving it the name "Atenia" (land of the sun). Evanesca is banished to the furthest reaches of the Universe by Aerios, forever separeating the ethereal and physical realms. From Aten's heavenly energies, Celestios is created, carried down to Atenia on a ray of divine light. Celestios wanders throughout Atenia, bringing both light and energy to the barren land.
  • The Call of the One: Celestios collapses and calls to Aten for companionship. A second ray of energy falls to earth, taking the form of Lumenio, the Spirit of Light. Light and heat gradually turn the land into a great desert.
  • Celestios falls, weakened by the heat: Lumenio mourns for eight days before confronting Aten in anger, shattering Him into a million pieces: His spirit is banished to the Void, where it lays dormant for the rest of Time. The skies come alive with the remnants of Aten's energy: a million star spirits are created from Him, and they wander the heavens as they please. Four great dieties emerge from the night, also bord of the sun god's vestiges: Nox, the Spirit of Darkness, and three moon spirits: Tyriox, Aversia, and Aetheria.
  • Nox and Lumenio wage war against each other, battling for control over the sky. Celestios interferes, exerting control over the two spirits, and Day and Night become equals. Tyriox, Aversia, and Aetheria pour their energy into a third ray of divine light, called Moonlight. It brought motion and energy to the Air, and from this Moonlight, Venitus, the Spirit of Wind, is born.
  • Venitus flies all throughout Atenia, stirring up the sands and imbuing his energies into the desert.The sand dunes come alive, and eventually Terreos, the Spirit of Earth, is born. Atenia's deserts shrink and the land is covered in forests, valleys, and mountains. 
  • The Second Clash of Lumenio and Nox; Tensions grow, and Celestios calls upon tTerreos and Venitus to bring peace. The two spirits wage war against one another instead, forever marked as enemies by their differences. Terreos falls, and Venitus summons a great storm; bolts of destructive light rain down from the heavens, and from the chaotic energies of the clashing spirits, Positros, the Spirit of Lighting, is born. Storms ravage the land.
  • After eight moons fo storming, the heavens begin to weep for Atenia and the land bleeds, forming oceans and rivers. Imbued with divine power, Akinetos, the Spirit of Water, rises from the Great Sea. Motion and energy are brought to the waters.
  • Nox wages war against Akinetos, envioius of her power, eventually besting her and carrying her into one of the great deserts. From the combined energies of the two dieties, another is born; Kyanos, the Spirit of Ice. The Great Sea freezes over and the world is plunged into chaos.
  • All eight spirits are launched into war against one another, trying to gain control over the land. Chaos reigns for nine moons; the sun never rises and the storm never ceases. on the final night, Positros summons a great bolt of lightning from the heavens, setting the Norther forests ablaze; from this, a final spirit is born; Fiammos, the Spirit of Flame. All but Celestios bow to him, sensing his power. When Celestios resists, the other spirits syyrmpy yo nsnidh yo him yo yhr Boifz; he tears Lumenio's wings in fury, plunging the world into darkness before retreating back to the star from which he had come and leaving the other spirits to fight against themselves for rule. 
  • The remaining spirits have learned to shy from war; instead, they each flee to their own corner of Atenia: Fiammos to the North, Lumenio to the Northeast, Venitus to the East, kyanos to the Southeast, Akinetos to the South, Nox to the Southwest, Terreos to the West, and Positros to the Northwest. The spirits slumber, and Atenia is at peace.

continuing later


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