Theresa Mays

United States

I am a very shy, but outgoing teenager. I write because I don't talk well to others. This is my outlet for my depression.

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I'm lonely and sad. I write through the pain. I'm one of those girls others say are insane. If you understand then please, tell me. I need a friend


May 5, 2016


    It takes a strong person to admit their faults.  It takes infinitely more strength to show those faults.  How can we apologize for things when nobody can forgive us?  Even worse than that.  How can we apologize when we can't forgive ourselves?  
    Earlier this school year, I made a decision which has affected me every day since.  I hurt myself, and I lost the trust of my best friend.  Throughout the whole ordeal this girl was posting things about me on Facebook.  My best friend and I have since gotten back together.  I've since tried to apologize to this girl.  I am going to be dealing with her for the next two years.  We are all in a very small group of musical theater actors.  When we first started freshman year, we were all just like a big family.  Now the eight of us can't be left alone together.  I tried to talk to her after the last show, but she said that I was stupid.
Apologies seem to hurt me more than help.  Even when I genuinely mean them.


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