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So I don't write many stories but I wanted to try. This is my entry for amohn04's contest. This was an amazing prompt. I chose the one where we had to include a red rose as the major element of our story. Please review this and let me know what I can do better. Thanks!

A Rose to Remember #tellastory

October 11, 2019


Being the new kid sucked- no one knew this better than myself, Katherine Summers, the 'new girl' at my college. I was a very introverted girl as it is and this pressure of making new friends and socializing was too much for me. 
I entered the classroom and suddenly, the room fell silent, and all eyes were on me. I froze and would've fainted if they had not resumed doing whatever it is they were doing, except one boy who was still staring at me. I silently went to my seat which was unfortunately, right next to him. I tried to avoid making eye contact but I felt his eyes piercing through me like a dagger throughout the day. When the day was finally over and the last bell rang, I took a breath of relief and started packing my bag. The boy was sitting still and kept staring at me, which made me so nervous that my books slipped from my hands and fell on the ground with a thud. Before I could, the boy stood up and gave me my book. I said "Thank you" in a meek voice but he disappeared in the hallway without saying anything. I packed my bag and ran straight home as the picture of the boy clouded my thoughts.
The next day I entered the classroom and there he was again, staring at me like I had committed a murder. I sat at my desk anyway and then noticed a red rose kept on a handkerchief which said 'Hi'. The rose was so beautiful and by far the most vibrant, lush and fresh rose I had ever seen in my life. I was so caught up in its beauty that I completely forgot to wonder about the fact where it had come from. I looked around and there was absolutely no sign of anyone interested in me that they'd give me a rose, and that too, such a beautiful one. I was about to look away and give up when the boy smiled. He smiled! I was taken aback. I didn't know how to respond and almost fell from my seat when he spoke in the most melodious and calm voice I had ever heard, "Hi. I'm Colin Wells and I gave you the rose." He was so straightforward that I thought he could read my mind. Nonetheless, I replied "Thank you. And I'm-"
"Katherine Summers, I know." He completed my sentence. I was spellbound and couldn't think of anything to say. The boy, Colin, with tousled brown hair and deep blue eyes gave me the world's most beautiful rose and knew my name. Why? Before I could ask, our teacher came in and I lost my chance. I thought about it the whole day but couldn't get it out of my mind. 
I expected Colin to wait for me or to explain to him why he gave me the rose, but when the last bell rang, he got up and went out of the class, leaving me in suspense. I hate suspense! I ran behind him while shouting "Hey! Colin! Wait up! Colin!" After shouting for what seemed like ages, he finally stopped and I realized we were in the field, under a massive tree. What was with him and nature? I kept my curiosity for some other day and blurted out "Why did you give me a rose?" A smile that melted my heart spread across his face and he said, "You don't remember me, do you?" I did not. Who was this mystery boy? And how did he know me? 
I shook my head confirming that I did not know him. He motioned me to follow him, and I obediently did.
He took two steps forward, abruptly stopped, unzipped his backpack, took out a mat to sit on, lay the mat on the grass and sat down. He patted the empty space beside him on the mat and I sat. I was so confused and as if he read my thoughts yet again, he said, "Do you remember your old house? The one where you had the best time of your life and had so many friends?" I did. It may not seem the most vivid and unique scenario, a small girl having lots of friends and playing happily. But for me, it was one of a kind. I remembered that time of my life because that was the last time I had lots of friends. I was thirteen and lived in Forks, a small city in Washington until we had to shift to New York because my dad had gotten a job offer. But the real question was, how did he know?
"How did you-" I was about to ask but he cut me off and said, "Don't ask me how I know. You will get to know yourself in a few minutes." I suppressed my bewilderment as he continued, "So, you had a friend called Christopher Williams who ran away, right? Tell me about him."
Nostalgia hit me and I was taken back to the best time of my life. I finally found words and started telling Colin about Christopher. "Chris was my best friend. We did everything together and I loved hanging out with him. He was my confidant and we told each other everything, or so I thought. It indeed was the best time of my life. I still remember him sometimes and weep. It may sound silly but I think I love him. Even after all those years I remember him almost everyday of my life and I wish he had not run away. He just vanished one day. Without telling me,his family, my family, anyone. He didn't tell anyone he was leaving and he left me heartbroken. My best friend left me hanging and I'm very angry with him. If I see him, I-" and then I broke down crying. Christopher was my only weak point. No matter what anyone thought of me, I was never really bothered, but when someone mentioned Chris, I would instantly start crying. Colin was holding me in his arms and calmed me. He urged me to go on and I did. 
"I was miserable without him. It sounds so silly since its only been five years but I do miss him all the time and wonder where he went. I like him and probably still do,but I lost my chance." 
"Did he leave you anything?"
"Oh yes. He left me a red rose on a handker-"
"Handkerchief which said 'Goodbye'." He completed my sentence.
I couldn't believe it! It was him! It was Chris! My Chris! He came back! I was amazed and couldn't contain myself as I shrieked "Chris!?"
"Hi Katherine."
And then I noticed it, the strong resemblance, the boy of my dreams, he was here, in front of me. Before I could say anything, Christopher slid me in his arms and said, "Katherine I'm so sorry I left you. I'm so sorry. I had to leave. Everyone knew what they wanted and I was left alone. I'm so sorry. These years have been really tough for me. I too, was miserable without you but now I'm back and I promise I'll never leave you again."
I was so happy he was back but I had so many questions, so I asked, "Why did you leave? And why didn't you tell me you felt this way? We were only thirteen! We could've sorted it out. And no one was ready or knew what they wanted to do. No one. Everyone was confused but that doesn't mean they ran away! You should've talked to me, or your parents! They were worried sick! I still don't understand why you left."
"I know Katherine. I took a hasty decision and did not think through the consequences. I'm sorry. I got distracted and went down the wrong path but now I'm back and I swear I will never repeat this. As for mum and dad, I met them They were so happy and told me to immediately come see you. That's why I came here. And I like you too Katherine. Very much."
I blushed and he kissed me on the cheek. 
"Hey" I said, "Why did you stare at me the first day and just walk out like that?"
"I just wanted to remember what it was like to spend time with you, plus, it was fun to watch you so confused and scared all the time."
We both laughed talked for hours and hours and he told me about everything he had been doing for the past five years, why he left, and much more. We also met his family, and both our families had a reunion. It was truly breathtaking. Incidentally, Chris's admission was in the same college as me and I thanked God a billion times for giving me my best friend back. 
We now exchange a rose every month just as a reminder of our friendship and love and how well we get along with each other. The best time of my life has resumed.


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