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wisconsin's local tongue

October 6, 2019

PROMPT: Local Tongue

A bubbler is a drinking fountain, or a fountain, from where you drink at. 
It isn't pop but soda. 
town's are big and small but a city's a city. 
a fib is a fucking illinois bastard. a fish is a fucking illionois shit head. they all drive terrible anyways. 
couple-two-three is drinking a couple-two-threes. somehow you just know. 
cripes is shit, or christ. either way you ain't cursin' the name of god. or just add on sake to the end for cripes sake. It's a good riddance anyways. 
ope. that's a thing. can't explain it but it's a thing. 
up-north-not a place, but relative to everyone at least those who've lived where i have. 
you betcha i'd like a brandy. whiskey and brandy, pretty sure it's a wisconsin thing. 
I had an ex who lived for brandy old fashion's, cripes sake i can still taste the way he made em'. 
"Pass me a brewski," i say to my current guy, and he passes me the only can of beer he has in his fridge. it's a beer folks. gotta love it. 
Youse. what are youse guys doing tonight? we slur it all together, specially when we're drunk
fleet farm or farm and fleet where i am. a store that sells plaid, tractors and country gear. just my cup of tea. 


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