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Message to Readers

This is the fifth chapter! If you haven;t been up to speed, type in the title to search engine, or click on my profile. You should be able to find it. Thanks for reading! Hope to see y'all again!

Past Memories -Chapter #5- (Sensitivities may be involved. This is your warning)

October 6, 2019


To the Reader:

Hey guys! I'm glad you've stayed with me throughout this journey. I've submitted the third chapter of it! So far, everyone has been attached to the characters, so I'm keeping the chapters coming. Sorry this update was slow, but I've been kind of sidetracked lately. Trying to get my mojo back for writing this!

You all wanted to know what happened next. 

Here we go!



I look at Calli with what I assumed was a dazed expression. Her cheek was already swelling where her dad had slapped her. I couldn’t believe it. She was getting punished for me coming into the house. Her helpless blue eyes were sad, and cold. I could see her father in her features, but I knew she wasn’t as ugly as he was on the inside.

“You should go,” she repeated firmly. Her eyes said something different. A plea to save her. A plea to freedom. I was frozen in absolute horror. I couldn’t move to help her, or leave. I honestly didn’t know which one I should do. I felt horrible that this was her home. Rundown, beat up old barn. Something that was most likely abandoned long ago. Left here to rot to the ground. 

“I’m not going unless you come too,” I hissed at her. Her father turned to me. 

“What did you say to her?” he questioned. He scrutinized me, his clear blue eyes dark with lack of sleep. He said the words slowly. Dangerously.
“I said that I wasn’t leaving without her.”

Calli’s eyes flashed as her father moved towards me. Something like fear. Her father was short. Short enough he had to look up at me, but his whole vibe was intimidating. Especially when he charged at me. “NO!” Calli shouted, leaping onto him, bringing them both to the floor.

I was shocked. Petrified. You’d get traumatophobia just by being near him. He didn’t really have to do anything to you. Calli coughed deep in her throat. “Go.”




“You must!”

“I won’t!”

“You will!” 

“I can’t!” I argued, raising my hands in defeat. I couldn’t leave her alone with him. It was my fault she was going to be beaten again. My fault entirely. Her father was sleeping when I walked in. Or, until I ran into the table, knocking off a glass of water.

She struggled to keep him pinned under her as he flailed about. “I can’t be the reason another person gets hurt,” she told me with a whimper tagged onto it. I felt even worse now. I looked around the kitchen, terror of what was to come seeped through every bone in my body. Finally, I found something that was perfect for the job. Taking a frying pan off the stove, I raced over to them. “What are you doing with that?” Lifting the pan high above my head, I brought it down on her father’s head with a loud bang. He slumped underneath her instantaneously. “Are you a Disney character?!” she yelled incredulously. 

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding. Calli slapped the side of her dad’s face. He didn’t move. He was out cold. “Are you kidding me!” She screamed, standing up, wobbly on her feet. “You come into my house,” she shoved me back with her hands as she smacked my chest, “Mess up my route out of home,” she shoved me again, “And then you knock out my Dad?!”

She pulled back to slap me again, but I grasped her hands and kept them in mine as she struggled to pull away. “I didn’t mean to Calli,” I told her calmly. I wanted to convey my emotions in a different way than what my body was screaming at me to do. “He was just getting-”

Then she did something I never expected. Wrapping her thin arms around my waist, she buried her face in my chest, her body racking with sobs. “He was a good Dad,” she told me. “He was a good Dad.”

I placed my chin on her head, wrapping my own arms around her slim frame. 

I was content enough to stay like that forever.

-    -    -

Calli was curled up against me, her chest rising and falling slowly as she slept. I must have knocked her dad out pretty well if he hadn’t woken up in the past four hours. Would it be bad to say I was not sorry for anything I did?


I gave Calli one last squeeze before standing. My chest was still damp where her tears had saturated my shirt. She leaned to the side, her head sinking towards the floor. Frowning, I studied her for another moment. Her black hair clung to her now dry cheeks. Her eyes were red and puffy. I wondered how she would open them in the morning. 

Her body slumped forward, headed straight for the floor, but I reached out a hand and kept her from doing that. Picking her up bride style, I carried her up the stairs. I assumed she was in her room before she came racing down the stairs in my defence. Calli whimpered in her sleep, curling up against me. My heart felt so full I thought it would burst out of my chest. To my appeasement, it didn’t.

I walked up into a dreary hallway. There were only three doors, and a weird container at the end of the claustrophobic space. To the right was a room painted in red. The one to the left was pristine white. The one on the far right was yellow-y. I frowned. Surely her room wasn’t the yellow one. I could see booze from where I was standing. That was enough to cross it off. I walked into the white room with Calli curled up like a cat in my arms. 

The bed had only but a sheet to cover it. Everything else was untouched. Setting her on the old white bed, I left the room in search of a blanket to keep her warm. Heading down the stairs, I stare at her father for a moment. He was sprawled out on the floor in an obvious struggle. His smooth black hair was ruffled up at odd angles. He looked young. But even in his sleep, deep anger and betrayal lines marked his face.

Walking into the living room, where her father had come out of, I found a heavy blue blanket bunched up on the floor. Scooping it up, I walked back the way I had come. Her father was now sitting up, rubbing at his head furiously. He released a steady stream of curses from his foul mouth. I snorted at his lack of filter. “Your daughter is safe. Not that you care,” I grunt in his direction.

He looks at me, the scowl lines less evident now that he was awake. The whites of his eyes were a shade redder than red. “Where is she?” he asked angrily.

“In the white room upstairs. I’m bringing her a blanket.”

He squinted at me, mouth forming a flat line. “Who are you?”

I shrugged. “Your daughter’s boy.” I didn’t know what else to say. I wasn’t planning on giving him my name. Not unless Calli said I should.

“I need a drink,” he groaned, reaching for a bottle only a foot away from him. His movements were slow, to my relief. I kicked the almost empty bottle from him. “What did you do that for?!” he yelled. Or, that’s what I think he did. It was so hoarse I could barely hear him at all.

“I don’t think you need that,” I told him simply. “Get your lazy buttox off the floor and come with me.”

Calli’s father staggered upright, swaying on his feet a little, and followed me up the stairs. He still smelled heavily of alcohol.
Entering the white room, I watched Calli roll over in her sleep. Almost off the bed in fact, but not quite. Setting the blanket on the floor, I turn around to address her father. He was standing in the doorway, shielding his eyes from the dim light filtering into the room. “This isn’t her room,” he mumbled.

“Does it look like I care?” I snapped at him quietly, rolling Calli onto the bed so she wasn’t so close to falling off. Picking up the blanket, I covered her sleeping figure up. She must have been exhausted. Otherwise, she would have woken up to the jolting movements.

Her father sat by the doorway, twiddling his thumbs. “Why did I wake up on the floor?”

I blinked at him. “I didn’t hit you that hard…” I mutter. Well, maybe a little hard, but that’s it. Not enough to lose memory. “You’re super drunk all the time, aren’t you?”

He frowned. “I drink a bottle a night,” he said, his words starting to slur a little. 

“A BOTTLE!” I shout. Calli jolts awake now. There’s no way she would have slept through that.

“What?!” Calli yells, looking at me wide eyed. “What did I miss?” I continue to stare at her father. I felt mad. He lied so easily. If I didn’t know that one bottle a night didn’t get people that drunk, I would have believed it. Heck. Anyone would if they had less than half a brain. 

“Oh,” I say in a low tone, squinting at him. “You drink way more than a bottle a night.”

Calli stood up, a little shaky still after the fright I gave her. “You drink about eight a night, Daddy.Why do you think I hide every day?”

He frowned. “Huh?”

I rub my hands through my hair. “You hit her downstairs! So I hit you!”

He stared at me, wide eyed. “I did what?”
Disclaimer: None of this happens to me in real life. Type the title into the search engine, or click on my profile, and you should be able to find the first chapter. Thanks for reading! Hope I can find the inspiration to continue writing!

Love to y'all,



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