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Flowers and Confetti

May 4, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Pine and oak trees partially screened the ancient manor that sat upon the distant hill. Chairs lined in rows waited patiently for the guests to fill the seats. Murmurs of anticipation rose as family and friends took their places, and striped bumble bees danced among the sweet, lavender flowers. Even the sun was smiling when Kaida and Jordan walked arm in arm down the aisle, ivory trailing behind them.
Kaida’s dress was simple yet beautiful, made from chiffon. Uniquely designed, it flowed around her slightly rounded tummy. She wore her hair down, the dark, wavy locks hiding a few loose braids that held delicate, lilac flowers. The neckline was perfectly sculpted around her neck to show off a dainty necklace, with a small heart pendant made of silver and three tiny diamonds encrusted around the edge. Jordan wore a matching necklace, yet her dress was very different from Kaida’s.
Making her look elegant and graceful, her dress hung loosely from her hips, but was more fitted around her torso. Lace prettily decorated her shoulders and arms, ending just below her elbow. On Jordan’s left shoulder rested a relaxed boho braid, also with purple flowers entwined. Together they looked stunning.
All too soon, they reached the end of the aisle and stood beside each other, hand in hand. By this time, Jack was already crying. Each and every word held meaning as Jordan and Kaida said their vows. Finally, they were pronounced. Everyone cheered as they held their clasped hands up in the air, confetti flying everywhere.


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