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Eye Contact

October 28, 2019



Eyes can be a window to the soul
They show your emotion
Your wants
Your intention

Eyes can be a mirror into your soul
They show your needs
Your desires
Show your inside until it bleeds

Eyes can tell you about a person
You get a lot from a person's eyes

The woman at the reception desk
Her eyes are sharp
She pays attention
To every little detail, every little mark

The child that lives next door to you
His eyes are happy
Glowing with childish joy
And never going to be unhappy

The girl that doesn't talk to anyone
She thinks she has no one
Her eyes are sad
But her life has only begun

The boy that is always tired
Sleepy eyes he has
He stays up all night studying
Trying to do his best whereas

Then there's your eyes
Are they happy
Are they sad
Are they sharp
Are they sleepy

You decide
But people only see
What you want them to see
So just be who you want to be

I think eyes are the most admirable physical trait of a person. When I first talk to someone, I look at their eyes.

I also really love green eyes. They amaze me. I think they are beautiful. 


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  • Rewrite_The_Stars


    thank you so much! your words really encourage me. in that case, i shall try my best and put as much effort as i can into this contest!

    almost 2 years ago
  • winterwolf0100

    1: this is absolutely beautiful and I loved reading it! I love your imagery, and the description of each of the classic stereotypical characters we all know! I especially loved the imagery I received when reading this :)
    2: I read your comment on my announcement about a contest! I know that I said if you couldn’t commit, don’t sign up, but I was really saying that towards people who are lazy and just decide they don’t want to write it. I have been in your shoes before, constantly trying to keep up with homework and being so exhausted afterwards that sometimes I don’t even have the energy to READ, one of my favorite things to do. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your entry into my contest would be greatly appreciated and welcomed, and if you decide you may need an extension of a day or two, I might be able to make that exception because it will take me a few days to read all of them and judge them anyway. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your interest in the contest, and I would love for you to participate!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Aurelia.Valus

    This is beautiful and really well written! <3

    almost 2 years ago
  • ----

    I really like this piece! And I agree, green eyes are awesome. I had a friend with green eyes and I thought they were really beautiful.

    I'm also commenting to respond to your comment on my piece "Am I Pathetic?". Yes, I do feel pathetic. I write all of my poems from personal feelings. I had a best friend for 6 1/2 years and I lost him 4 years ago. So yeah, I feel pathetic for holding onto him sometimes, but I have hope we'll be okay one day.

    Your "rant" in my comments made me smile (except the break up part. I'm sorry about that, it sounds sucky ;-;). I definitely will listen to the song and report back to you! :)

    almost 2 years ago
  • WitchyKitty

    I agree with both of your statements in the footnotes. Especially forest green eyes- really vibrant ones! I also love describing eyes in writing, which you will see. I feel like they can say a lot about a person's character as you described in the poem. Awesome work as usual!

    almost 2 years ago