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Say, what is "time"?

Is it the present of existence? But then it would make the past a reminiscence and the future non-existent.

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Hi~ this is Kii, yours truly.
I'm always tired and always sleepy. Apologies beforehand, I think I might be narcoleptic.

Walk a path without chains

October 4, 2019


Sometimes I walk straight, curved, backwards, or not walking at all
I continue onward, knowing how deep I may fall
metal chains that cling to my legs that break me down
Onward is the only path you must go without a frown

Paths in different styles, multitudes, and colors;
Stony, smooth, rough, soft, red, patchy, and continuous.

Following what I believe is the best path
Soon put down by others stating their wrath
I follow to please the people so I will not fall
The words are to appease me, but instead drop like a ball

Parents always nagging and asking for things.
Longing to escape the image of others, 
especially my brother

Unable to fulfill promises to my friends
Unable to follow through with their amends.

Having to work hard without motivation
Living on without any reason

I stop before it is completely gone.
I know that if I continue, I'll be wrong.

Him, who always tells me to take myself seriously
Him, who gives me advice I never follow
Ever so, the him who still yells at me furiously
And the person who cares for me dearly,
Even if I am hollow

The people around me who continue to burden me
I’ll continue on with a stronger approach

No path will be wrong because there is no right
I walk the path that speaks loudly to me.
A voice that belongs to me that speaks.
If I continue, I'll finally be free.
I wish to be free.


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  • Zen

    Sounds like you have a lot of expectations and burdens. It sounds like something from a utopian and dystopian society story. It's very beautiful ;w;

    8 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    Beautiful, I love the line "stony, smooth, rough, soft, red, patchy, and continuous", it's an amazing mix to bring out your message.
    Also hi!! Welcome :)

    9 months ago