nice to meet you... i'm estella grace.

from sydney and austin, but currently living in singapore.
you built me palaces out of paragraphs

if sunny v. is the official older sister, i'm the cool aunt.

black lives matter

Message to Readers

Yes. You read that right. Only a couple more paragraphs and an epilogue to go before THE END. Love you all and thanks for bearing with me! <3


Unspoken Semi-Ending

October 4, 2019


The last few feet are the hardest.

Focusing solely on the trail becomes increasingly difficult, as the more I glance up at the summit, the more my mind starts to wander, I start to allow myself to think about everything and nothing, memories and dreams, fantasies and realities, past and present… and the thin lines between them all… somehow simultaneously at once.

I start to allow myself to remember.

With every step closer to the top, I begin to let myself remember the taste of words on my tongue, how they felt as they brushed slowly against my lips. How they felt as I held them close in my mouth, biting back comments and opinions that I would now say in a heartbeat. I begin to let myself remember melodies weaving their way together, flowing in and out like ocean waves to the beat of my own heart. I remember the sound of my own voice, somehow familiar and foreign all at the same time. I remember laughing in the sunlight, shouting the hymns of freedom with somebody I loved.
More to come xx


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  • Tushar Mandhan

    I'm waiting for the last part!!!!!!1

    almost 2 years ago
  • JadeAndSerpentine

    Wow! I love this so much. Congratulations on finishing! Can't wait for the last part...

    about 2 years ago