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I'm in a class right now that needs writing submissions so please comment and leave reviews on my writing so that I can improve!

Bellis perennis (Daisy)

October 9, 2019


Lustrous drops of liquid gold,
Drip together inside the delicate fold.
Splaying outward in an innocent display,
Delicate petals dancing in a glorying array.
The most sought after, 
In the ashen field of dying laughter.
“The king's daughter, the golden girl,”
Showing the world beauty in a white dressed whirl.
Year after year, a budding belle,
Ball gowned illusion covering a fragile shell.
Hiding in your perfect makeup survival,
Relying on another to take the fall
While you prepare to watch him jump.
But tell me, did you ever hear the thump?
Does this make more sense if I mention that it is based off of Daisy Buchanon from the Great Gatsby?
“The king's daughter, the golden girl,” (Fitzgerald 120)


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