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Sooooo... yeah. It was just a spur of the moment thing. I'd love to know what you guys think.:)

Lost Wind

October 3, 2019


The wind howled outside Joanna's bedroom window, sending scarlet leaves skittering across the glass pane. The moonlight shining into her room cast eerie shadows of the dancing leaves on her grey shag carpet. With a leather bound copy of "Pride and Prejudice in her hands, a mug of coffee steaming on her nightstand, and a flashlight illuminating the lines and curves of ink that made images and worlds in her head, she smiled contentedly. A tap at her window tore her from the pages. She shivered nervously, but seeing nothing, she pulled a fuzzy blanket around her shoulders and snuggled deeper into her comforter. 

"Indeed, Jane, you ought to believe me. No one who has ever seen you together can doubt his affection. Miss Bingley, I am sure, cannot. She is not such a simpleton. Could she have seen half as much love in Mr. Darcy for herself, she would have ordered her wedding clothes. But the case is this: We are not rich enough or grand enough for them."

    Another sharp rap on the glass startled her. Staring at it, she slowly replaced her book onto the nightstand and, wrapping herself in the blanket, she crept closer to the silvery shaft of moonlight. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest and she clenched her hands to keep them from trembling.
    Another gust of window shook the house. Joanna told herself to quit being a scaredy cat. It's nothing, she thought. Nothing at all. Swallowing hard, she peeked over the sill searching the shadowy lawn. The christmas lights on the gutter swayed back and forth, painting her face red for one second and green the next. She peered into the darkness, trying to discern a shape that was out of place. Suddenly something was flying at her face, and with a strangled cry, she fell backwards, ending up in a curled pile of fleece. 
    She waited a few minutes to let her breathing settle. When the adrenaline that had rushed through her system diminished, she pushed herself up and forced herself to approach the window again. This time, she peeked out from the side of the window, and she immediately saw a figure standing directly below her window, looking up at her. She jerked back, and desperately tried to remember where she had left her phone. But even with her mind engaged on calling the police, something tugged at her.
    It was something about the way they stood. 
    She stared, wide-eyed at the ceiling, pressing back against the wall. Was it really him? Please let it be him.
Excitement pulsed through her veins as she looked again at the figure standing beneath her window. Her breath caught when he turned his head for a moment. She instantly recognized his profile.
    A grin spread across her face and she scrabbled to open her window. It finally slid open, letting a draft of crisp, cold air slice through the warm, cozy atmosphere of her room. She leaned out, ensuring that he saw her. Her blonde hair whipped around her face, obscuring her vision for a moment. His smile was almost audible.
    "Took you long enough. I thought I'd wake your parents up with all the rocks I had to throw." His voice was quiet, almost swept away by the brisk wind. 
    "You were throwing rocks?" Joanna  whispered. "You could have broken something!"
    He shrugged. "It's how they do it in the movies."
    Silence stretched between them. Joanna didn't expect their first meeting in nine months to be was awkward. She brushed her hair out of her eyes. 
    "You're not even supposed to fly in until tomorrow," she said. Liam laughed softly.
    "Even you admitted once that I was full of surprises. I figured I should live up to that when I got the chance. Marine life doesn't allow for a lot of surprises," he responded, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. "I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to see you." 
    Joanna felt her face a neck growing warm. Neither did she. She waited for him to say something more. 
    "I still love you, Joanna Kinly. Being overseas isn't going to change that for me." He took a step closer to the house. "I know things weren't exactly... smooth last time we talked, but I wanted you to know that I'm not giving up on us."
    Joanna felt her heart-breaking for the time she had lost being angry at him for leaving her to enlist in the U.S Marines. All she wanted was him. She would wait. 
    "Neither am I," she said.


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