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Katie K

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Daughter of the one who first loved the world.
Just trying to love life and live simply.

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The Selfie

March 18, 2015

What is a selfie? It is an image that you take of yourself, sometimes with other people. Truly there are many different kinds of selfies. There's the "Hey, I feel really beautiful today, and I want to capture it to remember the way I did my hair" or "My friends and I are so funny and our goofy faces are ones that I want to keep with me forever". Or even "Oh, look at me and my cleavage. Come be attracted to me". 

We can't cover something like the selfie with a single statement. Too many variables are already in place with the first click of the shutter. I can see the bad that it has caused, but I can also view the confidence it has given people. 

No matter what happens, I refuse to let the world make me see nothing but the bad. Everything that has ever happened to this young world of ours has had negative and positive effects. Even in the worst of situations, something good can come out of it. 

Maybe the understated selfie will start World War III, or maybe it will solve world hunger. The power of the human face in history has caused wars, and saved lives. Human emotions play such a huge part in the way the world goes on with its life. The emotions that a selfie can invoke in us has such a huge ability to change our way of life.


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