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Well, hello. I'm shocked you're actually looking at this. Anyway, this is the place I'm going if I have some cool ideas for you. Talk to me anytime, and I'll return the favor lovelies! ~ Mal


May 10, 2016

A lady strides into a room, with more grace and sureness than she realizes. Her cool, caramel hair flows softly behind her, as it is straight and she is in a rush. Her high cheekbones clearly curve to form a not-so-sharp jawline, then a thin, pointed chin. Her eyes are as blue as a tidal pool at midday, and her lips are the color of a budding pink rose. Her slender, bony body turns and you can see her nose is a small lump with two holes on her face, as you can clearly see. Freckles sprinkle her nose and cheeks. Her face is sharp and angular, but not so angular she does not seem unkind. Her eyes seem to have a confused look, as if to say, "Am I late again?"


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