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The Horrors of Abortion (Please Don't Read If Sensitive Subject)

By: Charisse Marison


Us as society consider murders a high offense crime. In fact, you can get life sentences for things like that! But our country has made the killing of babies legal, and most women are actually encouraged to do that. This to me is so sad I cannot even express it.
Even though some people consider babies in the womb as not alive, they actually have a soul the moment they are created. 
What's really sad is that if a baby is found with a disability while inside the womb, the mothers are encouraged to abort it. This is one of the most cruel things I have ever heard. People with disabilities are just like you and me: they can laugh, say, think, etc. Just because they are different doesn't mean they don't have the right to live. Everyone should have that choice. Who is it for others to decide?
I just can't believe this is legal. If you agree with me, every time you pass a Planned Parenthood building, say a prayer. Not just for the babies, but for the mothers to make the right choice.
I'm sorry if you disagree with my statement. Please don't hate me.
But if you do....may God bless

Message to Readers

I know this is kind of touchy, but we DO have the ability of free speech here in this country. You don't have to read, you don't have to agree. I just want my voice to be heard.

Peer Review

I am surprised that how powerful it is. It is short, but super powerful.


Reviewer Comments

Keep writing. This is so good. I totally agree with you. You are a very talented writer.