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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
Writing is.. Creative. It allows imagination.
Express yourself however you can..

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Practice makes Perfect.
If you aren't a good writer now, practice and you will be.
Mistakes will come and go but don't dwell on them too much.

Not What I Thought

October 18, 2019


I thought,
That my friends would stay forever.
People couldn't harm ever.

I thought,
People are not rude.
Happy is always the mood.

Apparently I was wrong..

I didn't think,
People hate each other.
Best friends would find another.

I didn't think,
People would injure friends.
That sadness never ends.
I realize how i need to start writing more happier things but for now we're gonna continue.
Also i think if this is looked at from a younger child's perspective it sounds better.
Enjoy! <3


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  • CreativeAngel

    Sadness is my speciality
    Jk you know I’m not this sad in real life

    3 months ago
  • camlily

    this is actually a really sad poem but it's also like really good so idk how to feel

    3 months ago
  • camlily


    3 months ago